Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Secret Confiscations ?


The following is the actual letter that I faxed to Chief Tammy Cook Searson this morning.  Since there seems to be a lot of secret decisions, the usual bribing and bullying going on I have decided to make this letter public. Since my e- mail list is still down please help me distribute this . Any media may use it if desired. For more information I can be contacted at 306=758-2041. Thank-you. 

August 20,2014

Chief Tammy Cook Searson
Lac La Ronge Indian Band

Dear Tammy,
    It has been drawn to my attention that you have been secretly organising to make Brabant Lake a reserve. People have been given instructiond not to tell us.

If these rumours are true then it is incumbent for everyone to hear both sides including the benefits of not being a reserve and being instead a viable community  this far North. We are working at making this a town for everyone and a centre of opportunity without racist tones. You and the band could be partners in this process or you could turn back the clock and have another racist enclave destroying from within.

Today we criticise alleged secret deals od the past while some tribe members were away. There is no justification for secret deals today. We have done our share of building this community in many ways. We and everyone deserve a frank and ipen discussion.

I am very will to meet with you on this issue . However I did want it in writing that we want open discision making.


Mrs. Gay Caswell
Brabant Lake