Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pushing People past the brink with pot

    The late Bishop Sheen was very interested in psychology but never at the expense of Christianity. In one of his talks he states psychologists are very interested in the difference between normal and abnormal behaviour. He continues normal bheviour is to have a goal and purpose in life. Abnormal behaviour is to have no goal, no purpose and to see and treat life as meaningless. My immediate observation was there are lives and communities where the norm has become the abnormal . My second was he is not describing mental illness but the differnce between non -users and users of marijuana.  The third was by a 1970 definition of abnormality MARIJUANA IS A FAST TRACT DRUG TO MENTAL ILLNESS.

A woman we heard had brought eight alcholic men into her home and intended to help the healing process through proper diet . We cheered her saintly behviour. Then we went visit.  A few days ago there had been a major drug bust next door. She was furious about that. The occupants had left in a hurry leaving the house and yard in shambles. She was furious about that. She saw no purpose or justification for drug busts. She said “ drugs are just an excuse. Rockfracking and global warming are the real issues.

I said “ Look ,I have just endured two wnters where 40 below weather was the norm. Do I have to still hear about global warming ?”

She said,” Did I say global warming ? Oh I met climate change.”

Since the purpose of the visit was to see how the mother of our fourteenth grand child was doin, I asked “ What are your views on eugencics and forced sterlisation?”

She said “ Eugenics is scary but in some cases to help people to be accountable and to run their own lives you have to make choices for them and force them into sterilisation. Just like YOU HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE DECIDE FOR ASSISTED SUICIDE.” (Emphasis mine.)

The conversation ended when she crossed the street, grabbed a bundle of organic marijuana from her car .
Her main “ treatment” for alcholism is marijuana.  But she says it has to be organic. “ It has been her medicine for 30 years and it has never done me any harm.”

She constantly calls our son, the father of four of her grndchildren mentally ill. I wrote her and asked her by whose and what authority does she publicly and frequently call our son”mentally ill?”

The baby was born exceptionally healthy and on my birthday while we were away in Chicago at the ordination of two other sons. The family is separated because this woman claims that our son still has mentally ill issues( like he has trouble maintaining employment because she pushes marijuana and alcohol on him especially if he has a “must show” in the morning).
Recently she left the name and phone number of our son’s deceased singing partner on the anniversary of his suicide so he would see it.”

This woman has lined up a bunch of men who are in danger of being pushed into suicide. That, by the Canadian Crimal Code is called homicide..After 30 years of marijuan she has lost her moral compass. She uses marijuana to manipulate, and control. Gay