Thursday, September 11, 2014

John R. Caswell B.Sc. Professional A plus, plus

    In the magazine RELIGIOUS LIFE Caswells are figured large.  Most of the articles are quite accurate but there is a silver haired man who is unannounced ,unknown and elicits little curiousity. Perhaps it is time to tell the world and especially his children and grandchildren who he is. He is John Robert Caswell, B.Sc. ,Professional A teacher/s certifiate holder. He is a man who paid the price for life ethics and is completed ignored by everyone including his own family.
    Ever since 1980 we have had his graduation certificate from the Uof S ( in Latin, signed by John G. Diefenbaker). Not one of children ever noticed it and believed as they were told at Christian Centre, Saskatoon that he never went to University. When we went to Southend, Reindeer Lake our daughter told people that he is not a teacher, nor a gentleman but a janitor. The lies went round that neither of us really have teacher’s certificates but are just faking it. It is very easy to confirm a teacher’s certificate by one phone call to Regina but apparently the establishment didn’t want to make that phone call.  Eventually students, some now grandparents came forward from Onion Lake Red Earth, Patuanak, Wilcox that we had indeed taught in their communities.

    After John became a Christian at the age of 30 he wanted to do more so he enrolled at U of S. Pre Med programme. He applied to Medical School three times. At one time if a person was committed and kept on applying they would accept him. They made a new rule one could only apply three times. He entered the BSN programme so his efforts would not be wasted. They were even more adamant that they did not want an influential male who kept quoting things like :' as Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood says “when people turn to contraception there is a rise not a fall in the abortion. rate . Therefore we must be willing to provide abortion as a back up.”

When I became a Member of the Legislature a delegation of pro- life professors came to me to tell me that John was being persecuted for his prolife views. When I was knocking on doors his lab supervisor who was on the medical entry committee let me know in no cuncetain terms that she did everything possible to stop him from being allowed to enter medical school, because of his pro-life views.

I included a conscience clause in Bill 53,Freedom of Informed Choice. But two influential cabinet ministers made sure that I was never to publicly state what happened to my husband in the Health Sciences. Then the misinformation continued. Our house on 29th. St. was tapped as is or was our classrooms and house here in Brabant Lake. We could never explain anything to our children that wouldn’t be countered by misinformation. Spying on us became a lucrative business. I was told a the supper table that I couldn’t say anything.

When John worked at the Water Treatment Plant to augment our mission work he was asked to show proof of Grade 12. He sent all his education and health sciences transcripts. Val Antoniuk of the Municipal Office was furious. In addition he had passed the certification by studying on his own and got an 80 per cent. In the North the higher ups want people who owe them something so they can be controlled. Constantly the under qualified  replace  the qualified. Antoniuk made sure John was kicked off Council, not allowed to run and was fired from his job at the Water Treatment Plant. The Higher Ups can do whatever they want without accountability including lie about someone. Everyone knows Johns stand against drugs was not welcome in La Ronge where cocaine is the social glue for the Important People. No one living outside of La Ronge is important.

There is much more about John Caswell that needs to be told.  The big question is what do the Socialist Controllers want the people NOT to Know. Why is John Caswell , ethical and educated such a threat that there has to be 30 plus years of lying about him. More another time. Gay