Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quebec's 2 million dollar per person Valium Programme

Jan.15, 2015

My brother Eric Wallace White Jr. of Girvin, Saskatchewan was the leading authority on satellite telecommunications earning Canada an Emmy Award. He among many other accomplishments was the coordinator of the International Space Agency, inventor of the Canadarm and Dextra. Some of his accomplishments are featured on the latest 5 dollar Canadian bill.

 He died in 2004 as the Engineering head of the Canadian Space Agency in St. Hubert, Quebec. He left a daughter who is married in Norway and a son who lived with him. In his will I was named his beneficiary and responsible for his son, Samuel Raymond White who seemed to need some care although he was a promising hockey player and University student in the Sciences. He left the money so John and I could build the Catholic Mission in northern Saskatchewan and because he trusted us to look after the interests of Sam. Sam was and is aware of this. He left his house, jeep and other assets to Sam with some money to his daughter.

Eric’s lawyer was Stephane LaRose Q.C. of Montreal. The Public Curator of Quebec took all of Eric’s financial assets and made 30 yr.old Sam a Person in Need of Protection. As stated in the government’s literature Eric’s directions in his will were considered null and void.

We went to Montreal three times , employed the law firm of Samuels and Samuels, who betrayed us at every turn. We went to court to stop Sam from becoming State Property or what in Saskatchewan would be called  a Ward of the State. When we arrived home we received a letter dated before we had left on the plane that Sam was theirs and theirs alone.
He and his assets didn’t belong to him and the money as stated in the will didn’t belong to us, nor did we have any say in Sam’s life ... or death.

We used Sam’s story and picture to show the dangers of Quebec’s euthanasia bill. We distributed it to every MNA ( provincial legislator) in Quebec and to every MP in Ottawa. Sam was told by his controllers to phone us to tell me to act like an aunt, pursue some hobbies and quit these concerns.

We hadn’t heard from Sam for a long time. At Christmas we sent him a card at his usual home address. We received a letter of an apartment in a place we don’t even know. The letter was a desperate and poetic cry for help. Apparently they removed him from his home, liquidated his property and added the money to their already huge theft. In return they are keeping Sam on valium.

To quote a friend who has worked among addictions, valium makes it so you can’t think straight, you can’t act for yourself.  That is just the plan. That is just what the Quebec government wants: induced mental illness to justify their theft that totals well above $2 million . They have moved and hidden their victim in the hopes that we would forget about him. Someday they may decide that he has a “right”to die. More money saved.

And that is Quebec’s $2 million per person valium programme.  Gay