Monday, February 23, 2015

It is time to return to CanadaI


     The Supreme Court of Canada has approved of Assisted Suicided. It has informed the Parliament, it has a year to write up a law that is acceptable T0 THEM. It’s rationale is that this is consistent with the right to life as stated in the Charter and Constitution. Wherein it is time to return to Canada.
    Prior to 1982 Parliament made laws that became the law of the land. Politicians made laws which they believe were consistent with the wishes of the voters of their constituency and the good of the country as a whole. This is democracy. We have lost that democracy. The voters do not have a say; the politicians cannot act. The only people who have a say in shaping the laws of the land are nine unelected  people of the Supreme Court.
     The Supreme Court states that we must have brothels to protect the trade; we must have the desegregation of marriage so the word becomes meaningless ; Saskatchewan cannot pass laws that are consistent with a favourable business climate and now we are told that death is the means to respect life.  There is no need to continue this arbitrary and illogical bullying. We had democracy. We lost it through socialists like Chretien, Romanow and Pierre Trudeau. We can get rid of this threat to our country by the same way it came.through the democractic means we still have left.
    Firstly, we can pass laws that are Prefaced NOTWITHSTANDING THE CHARTER and proceed to protect the practices, traditions and morality of the country .
    We have received unsolicited letters from every Conservative Minister of Justice including the present Honourable Peter McKay which state that they are opposed to euthanasia including assisted suicide. The Conservative Party has voted overwhelmingly against euthanasia.  The Prime Minister has made it clear that his views are shaped by his father’s opposition to the degregations of humans under totalitarianism.
    Every moral stand that the Prime Minister has taken against Terrorism and the KGB Putin, for the protection of Israel and the Ukraine and other former captive nations will be lost if we do not protect our own country.
    Consistently we have received pamphlets assuring us that the Tories want law and order , victim protection and safe streets. Assisted Suicide is a licence for murder. Not only can doctors murder but others can kill, claim it is suicide and get away with it. If doctors can kill their patients anyone can kill anyone with or without “ medicare.”
    In the Netherlands  babies last year were murdered by doctors under assisted suiicide laws. Of course the babies had no desire or gave no approval to being murdered . nor will many patients have really given approval. After they are dead the issue is closed. A dead person cannot take a doctor, hospital or nursing home to court.
    There must be a massive cry to use the NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE to stop this outrage.
    Countries have been saved by the Rosary. Our families, our own lives, our country is in a state of clear and present danger. People must say the Rosary daily as a group or individual to stop this terrible plague. If you know how to say the rosary do it and teach others to do it. Canada is in the brink of returning to barbarism
    We liberated Holland in World War II. We should be helping to liberate Holland again from its own death culture. It is not time to imitated countries like Holland, Belgium and Denmark in the grip of their own demise.
    We did well before the 1982 exchange of power from Parliament from the people to the Supreme Court. We must stop eleven people from destroying us.