Monday, March 2, 2015

Catholic Schools cannot be Catholic withoout Obama approval

March 02, 2015
    For the first time after 42 years of legalised abortion in United States there was a Pro- Life March in Chicago. The organisers received full cooperation from the City and excellent, immediate coverage from all major media outlets. The story was on that day’s CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  Two of the key organisers were Fr. Nathan and Fr. Joshua. Yep; Last name Caswell. Sr. Mary Judith ,teaching Grade Seven at St. Thomas the Apostle School in down town Chicago showed them the coverage of the March in Chicago that her brothers helped organise and the March in their Capital City, Washington D. C.which attracted 1.5 million . It included a cadre of young people and their chaperones from St. John Cantius Church, Chicago. Sr. Mary Judith Caswell was severely reprimanded for highlighting this national and local event to her black students. Mary Mother of the Eucharist nuns will no longer be teaching at this established Catholic School in the Fall. Why???
    Because..... Obama, acting President of the United States, has a home two blocks away. It greatly offends Obama and the Democratic Party gurus of Chicago that anyone would educate  blacks in their home turf that a pro- life movement exists . It’s okey to have a Catholic School with girls in pretty blaid skirts and tidy braided hair that is a show case. It is not okey to have that Catholic School really Catholic on issues that may incidentally offend the Democrats. After all if Obama cannot depend on a compliant black vote what plague of truth will next hit the backbone “ safe’ liberal vote?
    In the bad old days blacks in Chicago could not sit on the front seats of the public buses. In this “ progressive” era blacks cannot hear about a 42 year protest movement that wants them and their children to live.  Abortion and the whole death culture is about Eugenics. Eugenic is the belief that some people simply should not exist, procreate and thrive. One of those groups are blacks. Another one is, you guessed it, Indians.
    There is nothing that offends the NDP- Liberal henchmen of northern Saskatchewan like pro- life literature.  They know that Natives do not want their unborn babies killed so they want them never to here that they don’t need to accept being pushed into abortion, sterilisation and contraception.  The Liberals on either side of the 49th Parallel have become the great bullies ready to censor any unpalatable information. They have become the anti- intellectual thugs. No church, no school, no teacher at any level is safe from their stormtrooper boots marching to a dirge of death and repression.
    Does it matter that a young woman in a 12th century habit can no longer teach her students who love her and she loves? Does it matter that adult students in La Ronge  drug infested apartments cannot receive a zip-lock bag of information on pro- life, marijuana and Catholic teaching unless the Left drug kings approve? Along with the destruction of Life is the destruction of freedom . Canadians were  good at fighting for freedom and after a few years the Americans would join in and do their part. It is time to revive and expand  that fight for  Freedom and Life .
    On May 07 there is a pro- life March in Regina. Will we get the cooperation of the Catholic Schools for a change? Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Mary is the Mother of Jesus and thus the Mother of Life.. A Catholic School that is not pro- life is not Christ honouring nor Mary honouring. It is not Catholic . Gay