Sunday, March 22, 2015

No Choice in the Death of Logic

March 22, 2015

    It is assumed that within the Chamber of the Supreme Court of Canada there is a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the back and above the heads of the nine sitting judges. Given the recent decisions of that once august body a more appropriate showing would be pictures of Hegel , Marx, and Sartre. 

Sartre, an Existential Philosopher concluded that it makes no difference if a person chooses to help an old lady across the street or chooses to bash her over the head with a brick. Since there are no moral absolutes one simply has personal choices. There is only actualisation. What one actualises or chooses is only to be judged by personal preference.  This conclusion was inevitable once secular philosophy embraced Hegelianism with its dialectical theology.

Traditional Logic states A cannot be Non- A. Non- A cannot be A.  An apple cannot be a non- apple. Right cannot be wrong. Good, in itself, cannot be bad. This does not exclude the possibility of better or poor choices depending on the situation because the choices are to be judged according to moral absolutes such as Life or Honesty.

Hegel stated that there is something else. A dialectic is made between A and non- A which leads to another A or A1 which in turn leads to a dialectic between A1 and non- A1 giving rise ( or fall) to A2 which creates a dialectic of A3 and so on.

The best and most understandable explanation of this is found in a small, readable book, ESCAPE FROM REASON by Francis Schaeffer Sr.published about 1969 available from Amazon for a few dollars.

 This unproven and illogical new- logic was used by Karl Marx to develop the theory of Dialectical Materialism.  Dialectical Materialism states that there are no moral absolutes except, according to Marx , to make the Revolution. Thus one can vilify one’s opponents, state the most outrageous lies because he may oppose “ progress” to the worker’s paradise. Millions have been slaughtered in the rational of this philosophy in Russia, Cambodia, Viet Nam et c.

The approximate age of a Supreme Court Judge would be post 60's . They would have gone to University when Hegel’s dialectic was no longer debated but was accepted as the new Absolute. The reigning philosophy on all Canadian secular campuses was and unfortunately still is, “THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE EXCEPT THAT THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE.”  The death of Logic and of Reason is the Culture of Death.

Ergo, a former homosexual is fined heavily for exposing  the promotion of criminal behaviour of sexual abuse of minors

Drug addics are merely “ actualising “ their choice of a destructive lifestyle that includes theft, violence, self- imposed illness and death. The Canadian taxpayer must permit and pay for their choice.

Prostitution controllers and customers are exercising choice, a choice that enslaves young males andd females giving them little choice. The Canadian taxpayer must permit and pay for this choice according to the confused Court. The Tory government deflected much of the harm of this ruling.  But why must the Elected be forced to only React to rulings rather than legislate according to the authority given to them by 35 million Canadians?

The traditional symbol of the medical profession is a snake held up on a cross. When a plague raged among the Israelites Moses held up a gold snake on a cross. Whoever would look at the cross would live just as there is spiritual and living life in Christ and the Cross. According to the new ruling (not in effect yet) a more appropriate symbol would be an old lady who may be helped or murdered by the Choice of an actualising  person stronger than she.

The ruling would expand the choice of those stronger, with more “pouvoir”( power, wealth, authority) but would kill choice for the weaker, confused, and exploited . Sartre’s old lady wanted to cross the street. There is no room for her choice in the Culture of Death.  Gay