Monday, March 16, 2015

Eleven Culture of Death Gurus vs 35 Million Canadians

March 16, 2015
The anniversary of the death of St. Jean de Brebeuf

    For well over 115 years the people of Canada had the final say in how their country should be run. They elected people in territorial, provincial,and federal legislative bodies and those people passed laws..Parliament was supreme. Then in 1982 socialists Trudeau (Sr.) Chretien and Romanow devised a scheme to give massive powers to the Supreme Court. Then Premier Allen Blakeney was troubled by this move and said he would not support their programme unless there was a Notwithstanding clause, that is the elected could state despite the Charter ...and overturn decisions of the Supreme Court.

Whatever  your  views on the late Allen Blakeney (and Hansard has many pages indicating mine were very negative) we all should be very grateful for his insight and courage to stand up to his fellow socialists to save democracy in his and our country.

At first it was not apparent what had happened. Judges, lawyers and the Supreme Court were still steeped in traditional views of law.  Then a new trend arose. A country could be reshaped, or even destroyed by nine unelected, unaccountable tenured people who wished to impose their philosophy not legal logic on the rest of us. It was 11 vs. 35 million people and the 11 appeared to be winning.

They have the philosophy that no one should be made accountable for their decisions, weaknesses, vices, criminal acts or destructive habits. The government, that is the tax payers, that is you and I must accomodate, protect and pay for other people’s destructive behaviour. Peoples right to freedom of expression, conscience and religion is secondary to the imaginary right to make harmful decisions and not face the consequences of those decisions. A few examples.

1.No parliamentary body passed a law that redefined marriage so that the definition,  purpose and nature of marriage could legally include two people of the same sex. Parliament passed a law to protect the proper definition of marriage. Then the Supreme Court decided that there is within the Charter a right to same sex “marriage”. There is no such right implicitly or explicitly stated. It states that everything in the Charter would equally apply to men and women. That means both males and females have the right to life, due process, freedom of religion et c. It does not mean that males and females are now to be treated as if no differences exist. The Liberals were in power and immediately passed a law consistent with the Supreme court decision.  They didn’t have to write or pass such a law . They knew that they could use the decision to do what they wanted to do anyway. The Liberal convention had buttons stating “ It’s in the Charter, Stupid.” Thus began the hype that if you didn’t buckle down to the 11 unelected bullies you were stupid.

2.Bill Whatcott is a Christian and professed former homosexual. He works at undoing some of the harm of his former life style. He distributed a sheet published by a homosexual newsletter that shows men and women were advertising for sex with minors( under 18 )and children.  He didn’t write or publish the page. He merely distributed it. The Supreme Court stated that he attacked a group protected by law and therefore had to pay a large sum to the alleged offended. The “ offended” are offended by their own publication? The publication was  advocating illegal activity. Mr.Whatcott just drew the activity to some people’s attention, a perfectly legal and commendable action.

3. The Supreme Court’s response to drug addicts was to state that the government had to set up centres so they could have free supplies to ply their habit and in many cases frug business. Diabetics have to pay for their own needles and other supplies. Drug users get them free  in their very own facilities according to the Supreme Court.

4. Prostitution is a dangerous, life threatening occupation that is plied by young boys and girls who are at the mercy of controllers and customers.  The Supreme Court response was to state that the taxpayer must fund facilties so the controllers, customers and oh yes those whose bodies are being used can have a clean, warm, available spot for their activities. The pioneer roadhouses are now to become modern day state businesses? 

5. No surprise on this one. The Supreme Court, the Eleven Culture of Death Gurus decided that the Right to Life is really the Right of Death and stated that doctors should help their patients die. The Supreme Court has blatently stated that they want Legalised Murder.
Enough .

 The Notwithstanding clause must be invoked while Parliament works to defang the unwarranted, absurd and evil power of eleven people who are mistaking themselves for not only the Voice of the People but for God.  Gay