Wednesday, March 11, 2015

La Ronge: Cocaine Capital

March 11, 2015
In Memory of my father, Eric Wallace White Sr., on his birthday

While we were in La Ronge for the Rekindle your Faith Retreat we passed out zip- lock bags of information. The contents included with some variations pro- life pamphlets, Morning Glory retreat manuals, holy cards and anti- marijuana information. We chose apartments and ran out after doing the apartments near Northlands College.

A week later I  received a phone call from Nortep according to the phone screen. An unidentified voice stated he was from Nortep and that there had been a lot of complaints  from students, staff and administration about the information that I had distributed.  He said Nortep has a policy of complete neutrality. If anyone wants information  they can seek out their own sources. He did not say on what specific issue: The Kof C picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Magnificat? Medical Evidence against Marijuana? The Connection between Breast Cancer and Abortion? Nor did he explain what is the rationale for a tax funded College if students are to seek out their own sources on what they want to know.

He said that they are going to put up No Soliciting signs and if I am there again I would be charged. The apartments were completely open with no security doors in operation. When I met anyone they were friendly and cooperative. I was not soliciting a vote, donation or selling anything or even inviting people to the Retreat.  I was only in the hall ways but they obviously had a large residue of drugs. Afterwards I had difficulty breathing and hearing , all too familar signs of a second hand drug experience.

The voice explained that all these apartments belong to Nortep. I said that it is very despicable for an educational establishment to practise censorship. He said that this was in the residence and not in the college so it wasn’t censorship. He hung up. I phoned back because I wanted to discuss the high level of drug usage and drug soliciting . There was no answer, no answering machine, no receptionist.

The voice had been all too familar. It sounded just like the voice of a well known cocaine user and distributer.

This person with that voice at the Prime Minister’s Opening of the Northlands Mining School was telling people to kick out John and I. We were there by invitation of Hon. Rob Clarke MP.

The person with that voice in 2012 had a telephone kangaroo court to order me to go to jail .
( I did not comply but went to the Prime Minister’s constituency Office in Calgary instead.)

The person with that voice was the main push in trying to kick us out of our home in 2008.

One of his customers agreed with me that this person “ had his fingerprints all over this one.”

If this guy is really on staff at Nortep then we have a very serious drug problem and anti- education problem at Northlands College in La Ronge.  Cocaine in the North pollutes mining, including uranium mining, education at all levels, and implodes the economy so one legitimate business after another is struggling to survive. Many don’t make it. More later. Gay