Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Court: Dangerous and Out of Control

April 22,2015

    Every second day the Supreme Court has given us another “judgement” to continue to reshape Canada in its own image or at least in the image of the present Liberal Party which is essentially the same thing.

    Religous freedom especially freedom to express, teach, act on Christian convictions is to be outlawed. If you repudiate your own former lifestyle as sinful. criminal and exploitative you must keep quiet about it if that former lifestyle involved homosexual acts. If your conversion story and present evangelisation may offend others who are still involved in the lifestyle you will be fined and fined heavily.  How does this differ from those former  Moslems who are persecuted because they convert to Christianity other than minus the beheadings?

     The Supreme Court expects every legislative body at any level to be exempt from religious expression. It states one must be “ neutral” which means one must assume the non- existence of God, Divine Providence, Our Father. A disgruntled councilor in a local Quebec council did not like the prayer before deliberations  An obvious solution is he could come five minutes late .But that wouldn’t have given the  Court. an excuse to force people to deny their own Faith and the Faith of their Fathers.

    The Saskatchewan government immediately stated that the prayer at the beginning of the day’s deliberations would continue. It is highly recommended that every judgement , every where , about anything be treated in the same way until the Court goes back to responsible behaviour . How can one do this? Firstly what powers does the Court have to enforce their nonsense? I have not heard that internment camps for people who lack compliance are in operation...yet. Nor are there special police forces to round up people who pray in public or read Bible verses that offend...yet. 

    A legislative body can preface every bill by “Notwithstanding the Charter “ and every five years on a slow Friday morning it can renew the Notwithstanding clause on all legislation passed five years ago. If there is legislation that clearly violates human rights such as the former so called hate laws , it can be deleted or amended by parliamentary procedure. Canadian democratic traditions clearly were and are sufficient to maintain a free and responsible country.

    There is no possible way that the deluge of  judgement coming down from the Court could have been created and issued with meaningful public input and debate.  Most people do not know what the issues are before the Court  and do not have the authority, finances or legal representation to present their knowledge and convictions. The whole procedure is very much orchestrated against the public. It is designed to push what would never be passed by elected officials

    Judgements that claim to help victims or potential victims really are designed to protect vice and criminals, including international crime cartels. Giving drug addicts centres and supplies give drug dealers easy and known access to their market. Drug use is made acceptable and expands the international drug business. Allowing  medical use of marijuana expands the marijuana market and all other drug markets. It also assumes that there is medical validity to marijuana. There is no medical justification for pot and much known research to prove that marijuana creates mental illness, causes birth defects on children and grandchildren of users, causes serious lung diseases, breaks down the immune system making other illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, and  diabetes including glaucoma worse.

    Likewise the Court’s  insistence on centres to house the prostitution trade helps the pimps and the customers but  makes the prostitutes more vulnerable as their exploitation would be subsidised and given government approval.  The Federal government deflected some but not all the harm of this judgement.

    And if someone steals, rapes or tortures at gun point, the fact that the criminal is using a gun won’t affect his court time so says the Supreme Court. Enough already. Gay