Friday, May 1, 2015

Local and La Ronge Corruption

May 01, 2015
St. Joseph the Worker
The Crowning of Mary

    On Good Friday we were waiting for children to come and make Easter baskets for each household. There was a no show because Mayor Rebecca McLeod, common- law wife of Lawrence Beukert, was having a secret carnival, no advertisements, no communities informed, no community knowledge or input but plenty of tax - funded booze. Three days later the deck, the steps to the main entrance, the wheel chair ramp,, never used but full of rotting cheap plywood, collapsed. The most plausible explanation is that snow was not cleared from the deck when it slid down.  Former Mayor Solomon Hardlotte offered to maintain the hall and do snow clearance Administrator Val Antoniuk of La Ronge  nixed that . A carpenter was sent up to do repairs. He was not told of the extent of the damage and was told children were jumping on it when it collapsed.  He will have to make several more trips.s He said “ It wasn’t built right in the first place” Former acting Mayor John Caswell said “ Just like the furnace wasn’t installed right.” I wasn’t there but could have added just like the rink wasn’t built right and never finished. The person who did these fiascos was Lawrence Beukert when Rebecca was the only counsellor . Now obviously Mr. Beukert and Rebecca were in a conflict- of- interest position and practised gross and dangerous incompetence while swilling in tax payers money. Were either made accountable?

    Mr. Hardlotte had resigned due to Antoniuk’s berating. Mr. Caswell was not allowed to seek reeelection and was denied access to the hall. The reason ? He kept talking about the drug problem at council meetings and Antoniuk did not want to hear about it. Rebecca was the drug establishment’s choice.

    Then a few weeks later I received a letter from the head Administrator in La Ronge. Mr. Brad Henry. He stated that there is no evidence that you own or have made arrangements with the Municipal Office for the property L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord, please meet with me to make an agreement that is “ mutually advantageous.”
    In March 1997 Lila Jobb,  wife of Southend Administrator John Leo Jobb, collected $600 for us after our home was destroyed by fire. We immediately used it for a down payment on the property. The Local Advisory Committee and then Administrator Kan Laoto approved the purchased. The La Ronge Municipal Office accepted and cashed our cheque. Fla

    A new administrator, Cliff Friesen, put our property up for bids. We informed people of the injustice and Stanley Mission people were especially incensed by it. We collected the money to buy our property.. again. He sent us the papers acknowledging the purchase and transfer of property from the Crown to the school.

          Every year the Municipal Office sends us the tax notice for the property. Every year we complain that the office knows that the property is used for services and for an independent Catholic school and therefore is exempt from taxes. They have acknowledged this and sent us the photocopied page from the Northern Municipality Act stating as such.

    I have always been a strong critic of the Non- Profit Corporation Act and am one one of the few people who have actually read the 300 pages of convoluted regulations. I knew at the dissolution of a charity the property would revert back to the municipality UNLESS it is assigned to another charity. We chose a Catholic Charity that would continue the work as they choose.  We registered that with the government office responsible for the Act. That charity accepted the offer and thanked us assuring that they wanted us to continue. We intend to do that until death at least

    Meanwhile  Beukert and Antoniuk refuse to have public meetings. It has been confirmed what we suspected. Rebecca’s sole goal is to get rid of us and hand the community over to La Ronge Band whether they or Brabant Lake wants it or not. This facilitates the drug trade they consider. Sorry. Games up

    One of Rebecca’s helpers said “ You are the only one that is offended by a Carnival on Easter weekend !.” I said I don’t believe that. Besides there is always God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” That was just before the collapse. Go figure. Gay  .