Friday, May 8, 2015

Whom the Supreme Court benefits and whom it harms

May 08,2015

    In the last year or so the Supreme Court has made decisions at such a rate that obviously the issues were unchallenged and undebated even among themselves since every decision appears to be unanimous. There is no connection to legal precedence, Canadian tradition or even usual meanings of words. It is like the members believe that their mandate is to destroy Canada and hand it over to an Obama -like one- world government. Not only has the Court struck down the most obvious safeguards to freedom it has the effronty to tell the legislature what laws must be passed including writing the laws themselves. The most aggressive courts  in U.S. history have never gone this far. Canadians have had the tradition that Parliament, not the Court, is supreme . We do not have the tri - balance of power between the legislature, the President’s office and the Court of the United States. Most Canadians saw this as a superior method and went about their business not feeling threatened, knowing that bad laws can be defeated by voting out the elected law makers. Now all our basic freedoms and protections are in serious and immediate danger.  Sometimes the government softens the harm of these decisions but their efforts can be equally stymied by the Court.  Nobody knows or wishes to find out what happens when the country simply ignores its nonsense. The Biggest Issue facing Canada today is to stop the arbitrary and unlimited power of the Supreme Court.


1. The international and local drug trade.

2. Human trafficking including the prostitution industry, pimps and their customers.

3. Violent criminals including the illegal gun trade.

4. Pornographers including child pornographers using the Internet.

5. Political Terrorists

6. People haters who believe the weak, elderly and imperfect should be exterminated.


1. Children , born, unborn, handicapped

2. The sick, elderly, handicapped. 

3. Drug users who need help to quit.

4. Young men and women used in the sex trade who need help to escape and to change.

5. Police officers, military personnel, who want to do their job of keeping Canadians safe.

6. Health providers including all staff, nurses and doctors who want to cure, care and protect human life from conception to a natural death.
7. Christians and anyone else who has religious convictions that they are answerable to God.

8. All elected officials at the mnicipal, provincial or federal level because all or any law, motion, practice can be overturned thus making their position and efforts useless.

9. All the voters of Canada at any election.

And more. Gay