Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who will stand up to the Supreme Court

May 16,2015
     The overriding issue in Canada today is the arbitrary, and illogical decisions of the Supreme Court. Their decisions are a threat to everyone’s freedom security and life. They have replaced rule of democracy with rule by an unelected, unaccountable, and tenured Committee. Therefore the most important electoral decision is WHO WILL STAND UP TO THE SUPREME COURT ?

    Firstly, who will Not stand up to the Supreme Court? The obvious answer: The family and political party that created a monster from a balanced, limited and useful arm of law will not do anything to reduce its power.   The Trudeau Liberals have no desire, motive or reason to lessen the harm of a Supreme Court that has abandoned law for social coercion. The most offensive and harmful decisions of the Court are totally consistent with Liberal Political Policy. Trudeau can act ,look and sound like an unthinking slob because the Supreme Court is doing what he wants. There is no need to win the country over to Liberal views by public and legislative debate . The Court has done, is doing  and will do it by Fiat. The Court says
Assisted Suicide is Law. The Liberal Party  passed a resolution supporting euthanasia.  Trudeau wants Parliament to rubber stamp the Court’s decision before the summer. End of discussion and end of a great many people’s lives. The only difference is the Court gave the government a year to do it. Trudeau wants it done now.

     Trudeau Sr.most certainly was a communist or if you prefer the polite word that Lenin used, a socialist.  He constantly undermined and weakened the role and power of Parliament. He made monumental changes in Canada by Orde- in- Council,
His Bill 1 was The Omnibus Bill of 1969 that legalised abortion, homosexuality contraception and divorce.  He knew to take over a country one must first weaken if not destroy the family. That is classic communist procedure. He then began to have the government control the cconomy by owning major businesses, and weakened our and worlds defence against communism by reducing and demoralising the military . He used the vehicle of a Charter of Rights although we already had the Diefenbaker Bill of Rights . In itself the Charter is not harmful but he gave a mechanism by which the Supreme Court had the power to interpret the Charter . Thus we have a Supreme Court that makes decisions which have nothing to do with legal tradition, the accepted use of words, or basic logic. They make decisions because this is their personal world view which is exactly the world view of Trudeau Junior and the present Liberal Party.  The Liberals will do nothing against the present unlimited power of the Supreme Court because they created it and are using it to destroy democracy and this country.

    Will the NDP work to limit the unrestrained power of the Supreme Court? Not likely.
The NDP absorbed the CCF which came to power in 1944 in Saskatchewan using the anti- Catholic KKK network. In the last Federal election the NDP absorbed the Bloc Quebecois The Separtists have always been socialist and anti- Christian. The separatism may be gone but their communist and secular views are alive and well safely and compatibly transfered into the NDP. The  The NDP have no reason to be upset about any recent Supreme Court ruling. They are totally consistent with their philosophy and policies.

    Which leaves only the Tories or Conservatives . The present  Supreme Court has been an active part of the Liberal- NDP political machine against the Conservative government. The Court has given notice Conservative law is not acceptable and therefore the Conservative government is not acceptable. Their decisions have been so extreme and absurd one can only assume that there is nothing sensible the Tories could pass that will not be struck down. The Court has become as politically partisan as the tax payer funded CBC but extremely more dangerous . The Conservatives have every reason to restrain the power of the Court to its pre- 1982 role.  The best reason is Canada will be destroyed if it is not done. But how? Here’s a quicky. A legislative body begins every bill with “ On behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II then “Notwithstanding the Charter” and proceeds to write or rewrite  whatever they want. Nope, it’s not my idea . Quebec has done it for years.  Gay