Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What you don't know about the NDP will hurt you


    What you don’t know about the NDP will harm you.

    What is the NDP really like?  Here are some of my credentials to answer this.
    In 1970-71 was the Socialist choice for U.of S. student president and was very much an insider in the Canadian Left.
    In 1982 defeated the NDP in their safest seat in Saskatchewan.
    Lived for 38 years of 44 under socialist rule and was( and is) considered their Public Enemy #1.
    Lived for the last 20 years in northern Saskatchewan where the NDP created their version of “people’s republic of northern Saskatchewan” claiming everything north of Prince Albert and theirs to run as they like.

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: The NDP from their conception has been anti- Christian especially anti- Catholic. They use the churches and prefer public figures who appear to be Christian but that is a Front. Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator in Cuba said “ The Church is the scaffold on which I will build my revolution.” What do you do with a scaffold? You tear it down after the desired structure is built. They do not permit freedom of conscience in their own party. When the NDP Member of Parliament for Northern Manitoba  voted against “same sex marriages” she was kicked out of the NDP.  When Fr. Bob Ogle was an M.P. he had to publicly read the NDP Pro- Abortion position in the House of Commons.  The NDP passed and still enforce 300 page regulations against churches and charities. No right of Christians to follow and teach  Bible and Church teachings on homosexuality is respected . When they can they totally eliminate Catholic schools as they did in northern Sask. They also reject any Christian teaching and practices within schools. Their main henchman threatened me for passing out information to the residence of their northern teaching college.

ECONOMY; The NDP believe and still do believe that the Government should run the economy not the private sector. The government should own the means of production. Theyd created many crown corporations. They claimed that this would ensure that people would not have to pay taxes but Sask. under the NDP had the highest taxes in Canada. They even created a crown corporation of potatoes . This was a very expensive failure. Their main export was people, especially young people seeking opportunities. Sask. went from the third most populated province just behind Quebec and Ontario to one of the least populated. Sask. has as much or more resources than Alberta yet due to fear of government take- over and high taxes the resources were not developed.

ENVIRONMENT: The NDP persist in believing that fossil fuels create global warming which in turn will destroy the world. This is an article of Faith and has no basis in reality including in science. Climate change and global warming has been proven to be created by sun spots. We can’t regulate the sun.   Yet the NDP persist in the view that fossil fuels have to be reduced. This harms the developing countries and the Canadian economy. It is totally useless and unnecessary but they will not even allowreasoned debate on the issue. They are especially against the Canadian oil industry.

DEMOCRACY: The views of the elected people do not run the NDP. They must abide by the resolutions passed by their party in conventions. These policy writers do not face the public or are answerable to the public. The NDP prefer seemingly moderate candidates but that is not who runs the NDP and if elected, who runs the province or the country. The candidates and elected are only window dressing to a very hard core left agenda they are lusting to impose on Canada . When they can ,they control who can run for local office and even who can run every charity and association. . In northern Sask. they had and have a system of soviet- like political officers in each community who would control the people in every aspect of their lives. To give it a native touch they used shamans as their political officers . The local advisory committees are a sop to democracy but they are controlled by hard core leftists in the municipal office.

MEDICAL CARE: Sask. under the NDP had the worse health care with the longest waiting lists. Medical care records are routinely used for smear campaigns. They are not private nor accurate.They are sold for research to people all over the world without permission or knowledge. However when I asked for my La Ronge medcial file to be sent to a Chicago doctor I received no cooperation and was informed that I could not have access to the local hospital and doctor care.  There is no choice to abortion and sterilisation. People are pushed into both without any permission or often without their knowledge. Abortificients are given in I.V’s obstensibly used for other medicine. There is certainly no parental consent required for contraception ,and  abortion to minors. There has been at least four incidences of death of babies  that should have been investigated as possible murder from staff. Northerners wisely sleep in the room of family members when in hospital. An elder who does not have family or community members to visit them regularly is certainly in danger.

DRUGS: The NDP are THE drug party . Marijuana would have been legalised long ago if they had had the chance. All other drugs would follow. Their main if not only campaign programme in the north is free distribution of drugs and booze. In northern Sask. where they had free rein drugs were not only treated as legal but practically compulsory. No person actively opposed to drugs was allowed to function as teacher, businessman or resident. The political henchmen were the drug distributers, growers, and users. The RCMP were expected to look the other way and only make a show of controlling drugs including cocaine.

Please distrbute this as much as you can any way you can. Gay