Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motherhood Wars

May 26,2015

    A Motherhood issue meant something in which all politicians agreed like motherhood. Now there is no more polarised and controversial  issue than motherhood. The Liberals- NDP are against it. The Tories are for it. Simplistic ? Blatantly partisan? Actually, accurate.

    The Tories ( Conservatives) think that parents should raise children. The Lib- NDP think the State  ( government) should. In the last election the Liberals unveiled their plan to have state - run 24 hour child care. One Liberal Member of Parliament said that if parents would not use the gov- care that they should be charged with child abuse. Oh, so not only would it be tax funded, all inclusive, it would be compulsory. Penalty for non- compliance ? You lose your children. They are apprehended. This position is considerably left of many communistic regimes former or present. It is a position that even radical feminists would call radical. It is a complete attack on the institution of the family.

    The Tories unveiled that they would increase the family allowance to the Universal Child Care Benefit and make the cheque out to the parents. The parents could decide how they would spend the money including paying for child care of their choice. The Tories won. The Liberals came third. Now comes Round II.

    The Tories are increasing the UCCB to almost $2000 per child under 6 years old and $720  from 6 to 17 yrs. It’s universal. No means test. No “it pays to stay poor”.  The increase comes into effect on July 1.  The NDP- Lib hate it.  They think that the Tory govt should keep quiet about this and not use tax- funded money to inform people. The NDP- Lib get on the tax funded CBC which is paid for by all and is the official year round every year campaign media for them and complain about this.

    They say that the Tories should not inform people on Face Book because this is an election issue. The increase undeniably comes into effect two months before an election. And since the CBC does not give the Tories hours of free campaigning time they undeniably use other media outlets and undeniably have some  paid staff to do it.

    What has been publicly  admitted is the NDP is opposed to the increase, and  opposed to parents finding out about it. The NDP are big spenders. They have long since campaigned for 24hr goverment controlled child care. They want that money freed for their many social programmes to run us all.

    Junior Trudeau the one spokesman for the Liberals states that he would “ restructure the UCCB.” That means that he would change it so that it is no longer generous and no longer universal.  The Ontario Liberals have given us some idea what the Liberal view of raising children is like.

    The Liberal Premier is a self- campaigned Lesbian. She thinks that it is terrible that she had to wait 25 years to discover her “ true sexual identity”. Therefor she and her government is imposing a compulsory sex education at the earliest age so children can “ discover “ their sexual identity.  The parents are opposed to it and have boycotted the schools. She stands firm. The main author of the programme has been convicted of sexual child abuse. Parents don’t willingly choose such an education and such an environment.. One father, a former homosexual , now Catholic convert, calls it psychological child abuse  The Lib- NDP know that they must take children away from their parents to impose such a life style and harmful brain washing on children. Ergo they are opposed to parents raising children. Gay