Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Freedom of Association under Attack

June 02,2015
    What would be in store for churches, charities and associations if there was an NDP- Lib federal government? The entrenched bureaucracy is their ideological centred which tries to advance the socialist agenda no matter who is in office so it is not difficult to discover.  Canada Revenue Agency was trying to take away the Charity status of  L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord because of pressure from Regina . We are a restored registered charity provincially and therefore we have  kept our federal charities status. However in the process we learned a great deal about where the committed anti- Christians bureaucracy wants to go when and if their elected Lib- NDP NDP confreres would get government.

    I asked them while in the process of the fight “ And if you take away our charities status then we wouldn’t just operate without giving charities receipts ? You would take away all our assets, resources and properties? The reply was “ Of course!” Losing one’s charities status would not mean according to them that you would operate without being able to issue income- tax deduction receipts to donors.  It means that you would not be able to operate at all. CRA would confiscate and liquidate all your resources.  Impossible?  Absurd?

        There was a news item that CRA had moved to new and expanded offices because they needed more space and personnel to liquidate charities that no longer exist. The story was treated very superficially with no questions asked. But why does CRA need an expansion to gather and distribute resources of former charities? It would be a new policy that would require new bureaucratic resources . The normal procedure is that a charity or non- profit corporation may not have the right to issue charity receipts but it can still operate. It can get rid of its own assets when and if it dissolves by their own decisions based on usual processes.

    On what basis would CRA do this? That became apparent in the fight. If the charity  maintains a Biblical position on moral issues it would be vulnerable to attack. If you take the Bible as your moral authority and haven’t ripped out Romans, First Letter of Peter plus many passages of history in the Old Testament you could be in trouble . Following the teachings as outlined in The Catechism of the Catholic Church could also do it. When we went to a Sask. Pro- Life Annual Meeting a person who wanted to destroy the mission  and take over the property told her contacts I “ was going to go beat up homosexuals ..again.”
So defending human life, the family, freedom of speech and the right to information can be construed as “ beating up homosexuals?” It seems very insulting to those who would so define themselves as homosexuals to suggest that and of course insulting and dangerous to the many people attending the meeting.

    Meanwhile Sask.Pro- Life Association got a multi- multi page annual form that required detailed information that would not only track every penny they spent but would track all their associate groups and individuals. Increased house cleaning in CRA toward protecting people’s privacy, property and freedom of association is needed. A Lib- NDP government would expand the power of CRA as a tool of repression and persecution.  Gay