Thursday, June 11, 2015

When the NDP have unchecked power

June 11,2015

    I was taking a history class on United Empire Loyalists of the 18th century. The teacher was Janice Potter . I did not know that she was Mrs. McKinnon, the wife of the business manager for the local NDP former Member of the Legistincencumbent whom I had defeated.  She told me that I could not say anything in the class. She gave me a zero in all the assignments and in the class which was on my transcripts for 20 years. She gave us a chapter size hand-out on the pending ND P leader and gave out present day political nuggets such as “ There should be only one political party. There is democracy within the NDP so that is the only party that is needed.”  Ms.Potter McKinnon went on to be the Deputy Premier in
 the NDP government that lasted 17 years.

    The North of Saskatchewan had its own bureaucracy and its own rules called the Department of Northern Services which was a mecca for socialist radicals from Saskatchewan and Ontario. Essentially what a handful of political elites centred in La Ronge wanted they were allowed to do and were given a great deal of money to do it with no questions asked. The DNS was officially disbanded in 1985 but the power elite continues albeit with some resistence today. When we came up North in 1995 there power had been unchecked.  We discovered what unhampered NDP control was about.

     Officially no one was allowed to teach North of Prince Albert unless they were NDP There had been an actual motion passed to that effect at a Northern Lights School District meeting.

No Christianity was allowed to be taught in provincial schools and no Catholic Schools were allowed to exist .

No one was allowed to hinder the drug trade in any way. One could not speak out against drugs, report drug usage to the RCMP or even try to stop its use in your own family without serious retaliation.

No one could say anything against homosexuality including the use of boys by authorities
even if those boys were your own children . People could get out of legal difficulties by handing over their own body or that of their children.

For sometime there was an attempt to stop us from using all public library services including regional and provincial networks. One year our entries in the library’s Writing Challenge were not published along with all other entries and our efforts in the Reading Challenge  were not recorded.

We were told that we can’t ship or receive things by the crown corporation, a government monopoly, busing system.

As we became more vocal and more influential there was a constant attempt to take away our public house, the only housing available ,in our community. We were told that we could buy the house which was still provincial policy from the Tory days but it took a major international battle to do so.

John was hauled off the road and put in jail without trial for two weeks. The vehicle was taken by the RCMP . Myself and five children on the way to cadets 2 hours away were left stranded on the road. The excuse ? John was late renewing his licence while he was fire fighting.

I was ordered to jail over the phone without trial because I had not quit writing the blog which a then crown prosecutor did not like.

There’s more much more . Northern Saskatchewan and socialist tenured professors have given us a taste of what it is like when the NDP have unhampered power. If they would be elected federally with or without a Liberal coalition they would do similar things on a nation wide scale. Gay