Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mulcair wants Douglas Mantle of Destruction.

June 18,2015

    Mulcair has informed us that he is a “ good” socialist like Tommy Douglas not a
“ bad” socialist like Bob Rae who went from NDP to Liberal. That is like saying Rae
 went from Socialist to Socialiste.

    So what does he admire most about Douglas? His racism? His Nazii like eugenics? His hatred of- Catholicism? His KKK network? His antagonism to private initiative in business, agriculture, trapping and fishing?

Douglas’ Racism: Douglas was Premier and Minister of Health at the same time. His Health Manifesto stated “ The ill health of the natives is a concern because they mix freely with the whites.” If the natives were isolated and confined they could be left to die of TB et c. He was opposed to natives having the vote but had to allow it because John Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and had given natives the right to vote in Dominion elections.

His Anti- Catholicism: In his Master’s Thesis on “ The Subnormal family” every example of sub- normal was a Catholic, especially Irish Catholic family. He believed that they should be sterilised and put in sex- segregaated institutions or colonies. He came to power in 1944 with the Grand Wizard of the KKK as his campaign manager. The KKK had stirred up fear and hatred against the “ foreigners and Catholic” so he picked up their issue, network and resources to put himself in power while patriotic Catholics were fighting for freedom in Europe. In his medicare plan all health workers would be government financed except staff who were members of religious orders. The Grey Nuns who pioneered hospitals and health care all over the province, beginning at Ile- a- la- Crosse would not be funded.

His Eugenics: Douglas Thesis on “ The Subnormal Family “ was rejected by the Baptist Theological College in Brandon because “it was immoral “ so he pedalled it to McMaster University where it was accepted. Subnormality included not making your own mustard, messy housekeeping, or a family member who had a child out of wedlock. His solution were sterilisation, families divided into gender and put in institutions. He got a Communist from
John Hopkins University to help carry out these plans. He used mental health as a political tool as did the Stalinists. Ukrainians who were telling the truth about the Soviet Union were put in mental hospitals to silence them. People who were on the way to being prosperous farmers or business men or were too outspoken on freedom issues were put in mental hospitals where some were killed by barbaric “ treatment.” Soviet doctors visited institutions such as in North Battleford and made recommendations as to whom should never be released.

His attack on independent business: There wasn’t a business that Douglas didn’t want controlled by the State. He created state owned shoe factories, box factories and many other  businesses. He wanted  have state own and operated commercial  fishing, trapping, agriculture, and many more. His political descendants wasted a lot of time, expertise and tax money on a Sask. Spuds Corporation which failed miserably. Douglas wanted the government to own all farm land but he could not pull it off. However his political legacy was accomplishing that goal by buying up farm land and renting it out. Douglas had a map of what crop would be grown where in Sask but his plan was rejectted.

His claimed fiscal responsibility : Douglas and his socialists told people that crown corporations , that is state owned and operated businesses , would make so much money Saskatchewan people would not have to pay taxes. Instead we had the highest taxes in Canada until recently. His Finance Minister, Fines was one of Canada’s big time swindlers and crooks. He left the province to hide out in the United States until his death. Money confiscated from the estates of inmates in his political prisons called mental hospitals were stolen. If the province had a deficit which it had the figures were hidden in the crown corporations which did not and do not get serious media and public scrutiny.

This is only a small part of the Douglas record. And Mulcaire wants to visit on the whole of Canada Saskatchewan’s sorry past  legacy of coercion and waste. Gay