Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spiritual Pollution

Sept.15, 2015
Our Lady of Sorrows

    It is fashionable to incorporate paganism into the Mass in Prince Albert and other places where there is a native population. This is about a priest who practised and promoted so called “ native spirituality” into his Catholicism. Name and place deleted.

    Outside the Church I watched for the Mass to begin. I watched the celebrant talk to a couple. He was arranging for a supply of cocaine. While people were getting seated the supplier turned to me with  smug contempt to tell me it is obvious that the priest is not on your anti- drug crusade. After the Mass we all went outside where the priest was blessing the gravesdite. He turned to me, very angrily and said “ you sent a box to Buffalo Narrows I heard. When are these boxes going to stop?”

    I wondered why a priest would object to my sending catechism material, holy cards and rosaries to a distant community. He never specifically told me to stop so I said nothing on the subject. His face was turning to that of a wolf. I calmly asked how is his brother who had a brain tumor. At first he didn’t know whom I met. Then he politely answered and expressed concern for his brother’s wife and children. The wolf turned down his head and slunk away.

     That was about four years ago. I was in a place where he had stayed recently. The place was so polluted with cocaine I could not function and was sick all that night and morning. Familar white powder could be found in my nose and ears. Why isn’t there a campaign against second hand cocaine and marijuana like there is about second hand cigarette smoke?

    John and I pray for this man every night. In addition I awoke at 2 am a week ago and was led to pray a decade of the rosary for him. A very clear vision of his face appeared  then the face turned to a wolf face. I had to wake my husband so that he would say the St. Michael prayer with me to calm my fear and get rid of the dark spiritual oppression.

    This evening I was informed that in the middle of the school year Mass at the PA cathedral they had a pagan drummer. It was done by a man who waited in the confessional, did his performance and did not want to stay for the rest of the Mass. What was he doing in the confessional? Putting hexes or curses in this sacred spot?

    For the last twenty years I have heard protests against paganism incorporated in Catholic education and worship. In almost all cases the protests come from natives who are subect to the full destruction of the attempts to return to paganism. They are ignored because these people are not people who make a profession of being an Indian and get a high tax payer income . By constantly insisting that Indians are served by promoting paganism supposedly for their benefit they are being denied the full Gospel and complete participation in the One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Faith. They know the repercussions against speaking out against shamans, witches and Professional Indians. They will be the subect of spiritual and material retaliation and they will get no help from the Catholic priests and religious who have bought into this repression.

     Every culture that is now Christian was once involved in pagan practices. People became Christian because they were convinced that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We do not insist that Scots keep being druids, that Germans keep worshipping sacred oak trees, that Philipinoes practise their pre- Catholic culture. Why will we not let Indians be fully Catholic and have the right to be treated as individuals who can speak for themselves? .
This vood doo with feathers and drumss isn’t respect for a culture. It is appartheid and repression. Eventually it destroys its promoters. Gay