Thursday, September 17, 2015



    There is a Tory ad that says “ Stephen Harper isn’t perfect but .....”. Huh? Well okey he fits into the category of being a sinner by virtue of his being a human, as in, to quote the Bible, “ for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God”. But we are not voting for a deity but only for a Prime Minister.

    There are many people who love, yes. really love our Prime Minister. There are Pentecostals who pray for him every day at least once. There are Catholics who encourage others to pray for him and to say a rosary daily for him. That’s not counting the Ukrainians, Poles, and other Eastern Europeans who see him as their ally to save them from a takeover and renewed oppression by former KGB head, Russia’s Putin. There probably are Jews in Israel and Christians in the Middle East who also pray for him as leader of  Western help from Muslim Terrorists.

    Stephen Harper inspires loyalty and confidence in the way John Diefenbaker did in that he truly loves Canada as “ the true North strong and free.” The Pearson- Trudeau  years were darker and more evil than most people realize even today. They turned Canada on a socialist direction of government control of the economy and atheistic degeneration of life. Diefenbaker understood that .  Likewise Harper still has a moral compass.He can see there is such a thing as right and wrong, injustices and oppression. He sees that one can and must respond to evil .

    I first met Harper in the basement of the Catholic Church in Meadow Lake . His aides said “ he wants to meet you.” I went up front and he said “ it’s appalling what Revenue Canada is trying to do to you.” The Liberals were trying to retaliate against us by using the Canadian Revenue Agency to claim we owe them about three times our total yearly income.
He knew about it.

    Last spring we were invited by Rob Clarke MP for an event in La Ronge. At Otter Lake, we discovered by MBC that the Prime Minister would be there.  This is the first time that any Canadian Prime Minister went to La Ronge, except for Diefenbaker who used to fish there.  At the end of his speech people went up to meet him. He said “ Haven’t we met before?” I said “ yes, before you were Prime Minister in the basement of the Catholic Church in Meadow Lake.  A few years ago we drove to your constituency office in Calgary when an NDPer was trying to put me in jail because he doesn’t like my blogs.”  Others were having their picture taken with him. Thinking that he would not want to have a public record of meeting a person who could generate that kind of hate I said “ you don’t have to have a picture with me.” He insisted and drew me to his side for the camera shot. I had a sense of standing by a man who understood his role was to protect and defend the integrity and rights of others. I felt my country and I were safer because of him. I still do.

    A few months after we had gone to Jason Kenny and  Harper’s Calgary offices while fleeing the Northern political  mafia the  Conservatives repealed the Liberal Hate Laws.  Mark Styn and Ezra Levant had written books about the oppression of these laws. Their reason to be was to oppress pro-lifers and other pro-family people.  MACLEAN’s had their revocation as a front cover story. But we discovered many Christian activists had no clue that they were revoked.

    If you love Canada and love your freedom it is a good idea to at least respect and vote for Stephen Harper.  We end every before meal prayer with “ God save the Queen”. That means we are praying for all her governments and leaders including her Prime Minister of Canada. Personally , WE LOVE STEPHEN HARPER. Gay