Monday, September 21, 2015

The Two Have Become One

    There are two ways to vote NDP: Vote Liberal, Vote NDP.
    There are two ways to vote Liberal: Vote NDP, Vote Liberal.

    It is clear that Mulcair’s NDP and Justin’s Liberals now know that they are not going to get government unless they make a coalition after the election. That option has been in the works for a long time.  They now go hand in hand to campaign in the same place, the same day. Canada is a big country yet they managed to be in Newfoundland together. There is not one iota of difference between the two parties since Lester Pearson- Trudeau. Both parties  final loyalty was to the international socialist movement. John Diefenbaker would call the NDP “ Liberals in a hurry.” They have long since caught up with each other and are racing together for the dissolution of Canada as an independent, strong and free country. In every major issue there is complete unity. Justin aka Junior may be a mindless pot- head. Mulcair may be like a neurotic scotch terrier yapping at his master’s mother -in- law, but in ideology they are Tweedledee and Tweedledum.                   

RIGHT TO LIFE: Same. Both are against it. Justin has stated that both Mulcair and he are committed to abortion. Both parties do not allow freedom of conscience for their members and do not allow pro- lifers to become candidates. Justin wanted speedy euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. Mulcair says people should be allowed to present their views then pass the legislation anyway.

DEFENCE: Same. Both are against it. Canada should not protect herself from extremist terrorism at home or abroad. Both want to withdraw Canadian troops from fighting and /or training troops.  They claim they want to welcome refugees but they do not want to do anything to protect the right of people to their lives and homes so they do not have to flee.
Justin wants to disband and defund the Royal Canadian Air Force.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Same. Both  are against it. Extremists should be allowed to torture and murder moderate Muslims, Christians and Jews in massive droves internationally and recruit Canadian citizens for their genocide wars.  In Canada, people taking traditional moral positions should be silenced. They should not be allowed to express their views from the pulpit or in the public. Any charity or church that upholds traditional morality should have their charity status revoked and their assets liquidated.

SUPREME COURT: Same. Both adhere to 9 people telling all elected officials and 35 million Canadians what they must do or cannot do. They have never encountered a Supreme Court decision they didn’t embrace completely.  The elected are there to rubber stamp quickly and without question what the Court decides.

THE STATE AS  PARENT: Same. Both are long time advocates of 24 hour child care as the way to raise children.  They are opposed to giving parents more of their money or letting parents pay less taxes so they can raise their own children. They, in practice, believe that children are the property of the State not the responsibility of parents .

There are really only two political parties:
1. The NDP- Libs or The Muldeau - Trucair Totalitarians
2. Conservatives.                                                                Take your pick. Gay