Friday, September 25, 2015

ISIS and the Viet Nam War Revisited


    In 1970-71 the Socialist take- over of academe was in full swing at the University of Saskatchewan.. The issues were the most effective tactics to make the socialist revolution. The debate was between various factions of the left. The conservative element on campus was  silenced and/or ignored.

    One of the more seemingly mainstream issues was the end of the Vietnam War. The Trotskyists were an organised cadre of communists who had their own newspaper, THE YOUNG  SOCIALIST. Their job was the classic Lenin strategy of building common fronts in which non- socialists would work with them to build a movement on specifi issues. Thus they would get clergy, elected officials, service groups and youth to join them. These people would not realise that they were being manipulated by a Communist personnel and a Communist agenda . The Communists would recruit and re- programme these people by association in the movement.

    Richard Thompson, Trotskist, would calmly, logically, stand and proclaim that the rallying cry would be “ Withdraw U.S.A. troops Now”. People would accept the message that the United States troops should get out of Viet Nam now.

    In the meeting would be ultra- leftists or new leftists who did not like discipline, private strategies before the public organisation meeting, had not read Lenin and did not want to take  orders from someone who had.  They wanted a lifestyle that was bein up- front, bold, and shocking. One of the many self proclaimed individualists would stand up and argue that the slogan should be “ Victory to the NLF” , that is victory to the Communist, Soviet backed Viet Cong.
    Thompson, short haired, moderately dressed would logically, calmly, go over the same arguments, arrive at the same conclusion, and not budge an inch.

    Another ultra- leftist would argue for the Jane Fonda approach, Victory to the North Viet Nam Communists. Thompson would repeat his steel performance. The scenario would be repeated again and again. The moderate sounding “ Withdraw U.S. Troops Now” slogan would win and the Chaplins office would help defray the cost of the demonstration. The city police would protect the march. No such word of communist organisers and communist goals would be in THE SHEAF or THE SASKATOON  STAR PHOENIX. As for  THE YOUNG SOCIALIST this was a socialist movement , not communist, not mentioning that Lenin too called himself a socialist not a communist.

    In 1975, the United States did withdraw from South Viet Nam. Communists from North Viet Nam swooped down, slaughtering millions of civilians.confiscating or destroying property, businesses, farms, and places of worship. People fled in rickety, fishing boats to face pirates, rape , murder on the Pacific Ocean as they attempted to reach the western shore of Canada and the United States.

    Mulcair and Justin are not asking or demanding Victory to ISIS. They are campaigning for the withdrawal of   Canadian troops from Iraq, and the  repeal of recent security legislation.  The Trotskyists, funded by the Soviet Union sounded moderate, but were effective in bringing about a Viet Cong victory . Likewise today, Mulcair and Justin sound moderate but are essentially working for an ISIS victory which will multiply the slaughter and push more refugees out into the sea.  Gay