Monday, October 26, 2015

A Religion for a Political Agenda

    Natives are constantly being used for someone else’s agenda. There are those who hate Christianity and hate specifically the influence the Catholic Church has had and has on natives and northerners. So the radicals of the 60's financed by Pearson- Trudeau Liberals began the process of discrediting the Catholic Church. The Residential School scandal was a scandal of manipulation, lies, deceit and complete denial of due process in justice. In that 40 year process the Liberal  professional Indians had to invent a monolithic religion of the natives that supposedly was so wonderful that the Catholic Church forced them to abandon it by kidnapping little children and molesting their brains.

    The  natives never had a monolithic religion, culture, and language . They spent a lot of time hating and fearing, enslaving, torturing and killing each other. So the late Ernie Tootoosis and others made a religion soup of Hebrides ( Scotland) paganism, Cree paganism, shamanism, Christianity without Christ and present day New Age. . The devil helped a lot. A travelling missionary making a northern run passed out a DVD of conversion of an isolated community in Indonesia. The pagan shamanism dance was exactly like hard core pow wow and potlach possession.  Voodoo dolls used by a practioner  here is as in Haiti. The four colours and the prayer to the  four winds?  Oh, that’s from the Isle of Sky, Scotland brought to you on an Orkney boat.

    The present day Oblates, the inheritors of the traditions of the great saints that made Canada West  and North are  no longer in love with God, evangelisation and the Catholic Church. They added their blessing and began a conversion of coercion and paganism.  The first victims were themselves. Long before they kicked out an editor of OUR FAMILY magazine for writing a Christian morality only article, they caused division in their ranks by promoting paganism. Native Catholics all over Canada have objected and have been met by threats, violence, contempt and media black out including and especially in the Catholic press.

    It would be laughable if not so serious. A lapsed Catholic from the United States turned Sacred Heart Church in Edmonton into a centre of paganism .  The United States has a centre to decide what is accepted as “ native spirituality”.It is very similar to the religion a nun was using in a Catholic black school in Chicago. The Edmonton centre effectively destroys the morals and loyalty of priests including priests from India.  There is an attempt to make this deprogramming and re- education compulsory.

    In Forth Smith, North West Territories a wheel with four colours  was to be imposed where a crucifix above the  high altar usually is. The once very spiritual priest from India had been reprogrammed in Edmonton. There was a major protest with a lot of fear. They composed a letter to the Papal Nuncio but the letter was blocked  They were between bishops. The other had already been neutralised by going to a sweat lodge. With the help of a BC elder who is always dismissed by bishops and priests  because she is too Catholic, they contacted us. I promised them I would bring it up to  Cardinal George O.M. I. when  we had to attend a deaconate ordination. To do this I had to enter the sacristy, a place I consider out- of- bounds. Cardinal George did his Cardinal George act. The medicine wheel is not in the Fort Smith, St. Joseph Church.. Our efforts were thanked by a retired school principal from Nova Scotia whom we have never met. The priest has been recalled back to his bishop in India.  He refuses to go. He had been trained to be disobedient to Catholic practices in Edmonton why be obedient to his bishop in a country of poverty ?  More  to come.    Gay