Friday, October 30, 2015

How the Anti- Church uses Natives


    St.John Paul II warned us of a great conflict in the Church between the Church and the anti- Church.  These words are similar to the Popes in history and the anti- Popes who set themselves up as rivals in authority.  The modern day split is often called Liberal Catholics and Conservative or Orthodox  Catholics although this is inadequate and often misused. The key issue is do people, clergy or lay people accept the authority of the Bible , Church Tradition and Rome. These three are not incompatible. The Catechism of the Catholic Church constantly backs up its statements by Biblical references.

    There is no issue dearer to the heart of the anti- Church than obtaining female clergy followed by practising  homosexual clergy. To create a forum to argue the need for alternate clergy  once again Northerners and natives are used and abused.  Priests are deliberately driven away from the North. Evidence? Sure. We used to have priests from all over to come to summer camps. Bishop Sutten and Fr. LeMay never opposed us. Fr. LeMay warmly welcomed them and was glad of their company. Then another priest came who did not recognise us as parishioners but refused to let us have any priests even though he did not have the authority.

    We raised funds to bring in a priest from Manitoba who happened to be an exorcist and who had been  here before. The Southend priest phoned him and absolutely refused to let him come on our private property and told people not to come to our camps which they had been doing for ten years.. When we asked him what he was doing? He yelled at us “ And you even brought in an American!!!”

    As publicly known ,the Vicar General would not let our son, Fr. Joshua  say Mass in Southend where he had served under Fr. LeMay and at La Ronge where we had entered the Catholic Church. John Caswell thought it a victory that he even managed to say Mass in Brabant Lake.

    Exorcists are especially despised by so called “ native spirituality” advocates. We were denied the right to have another priest who is an exorcist as we arranged an anti- New Age Conference. There is no more obvious proof of the demonic spiritualityof this New -Age with- Feathers crowd than their horror and hatred of exorcists.

    Meanwhile “ Sunday Celebrations” are used to promote lay replacement of clergy and the Sacraments with lay people, usually women. Some Natives communities throughout Saskatchewan are given nuns to replace priests even though there may be priests blocks away in urban settings or in travelling distance away in a rural setting.  I know of no non- native community with a nun attempting to replace a priest .    So called “ native spirituality” is used to adulterate then replace Christianity. Then nuns and lay people are used “to meet their spiritual needs” . Thus natives , against their wishes, are manipulated  to advance the cause of women clergy and the dissolution of the Sacraments. This is racist, cruel, dishonest and anti- Christian.

    Christianity is about “ setting the captives free.”  Jesus is the liberator. The tools are the Bible, Church Authority and the Sacraments where a priest: male, trained and ordained, in the name of Jesus, acts.
    John and I spend so much time trying to bring in priests because priests bring us Jesus in the Eucharist and in the Sacraments. Many nuns likewise are trying to help, not replace, priests.  Gay