Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spying and the New Nice

St. Martin de Porres,

    In 2001 Fr. Lemay asked John and I to go to a Conference in La Ronge on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. He obviously was bothered about something. Of course we went. We were 4 years old Catholics but had heard blow by blow descriptions of the awful trends in the Church for thirty years. Fr. Ravenscroft, the Vicar General from Le Pase  and Sr. Anne Lewans were moving things around in the sanctuary and arranging chairs in a falsetto chummy circle complete with flow chart in the hall. Fr. Ravenscroft immediately hit that we were the Old Guard that must be nullified. He talked about old people claring at us who went to Masses at All Souls  when everything was black and miserable. Now its light and joy.  At the meeting he emphatically stated that there are NO MORE PRIESTS and lay people must be trained to have services. It didn’t say there is difficulty finding priests. He said that the day of priests were gone. I went into the sanctuary and wept . If I had known what else we’d endure I would have wept harder.

    In 2002 we took about a third of our village to World Youth Day in Toronto. At Wawa, Ontario we were having a great time eating home- made baking and visiting. The party spirit ended by a lady who had been very jolly to us telling us that we had to leave. Fr. Ravencroft had talked to her. In a Mass I was lined up for Confession and visiting with a girl from Romania. Fr. Ravenscroft went up to the presider and told him to end Confession and start the Mass just before  it was my turn. He was tracking us through our entire journey.
    A few years later we heard Fr. Ravenscroft left the priesthood “to marry” a man.

    In 2003 our son Joshua  went off to Chicago with all his possessions in an army tote bag to become a priest.  In 2005 his old brother Nathan joined him. In 2014 both were ordained priests by Cardinal George in the historic St. John Cantius Church. Seventeen people from Saskatchewan attended the event.  They are the first priests ever from the Mission Diocese of Keewatin- Le Pas. No one from the Chancery office in Le Pas was there.  On at least four occasions from the pulpit of our home parish in Southend it was stated that these two were not “ from their own” in the archdiocese. Joshua and his younger brother served at that altar with Fr. LeMay for years.

    Meanwhile our daughter, Sr.Mary Judith was teaching at a black Catholic School. She never hid her beliefs in Catholic morality , nor did it occur to her that she should. She was asked to leave because her views on same sex liasons were consistent with the Catholic Church.

    On Oct. 20 the Bishop from Le Pas phoned me at my request because I wanted an acknowledgement of his receiving  a lengthy letter that I wrote . He ridiculed me based on spying that a priest visiting in our home did for them.  He jeered about the persecution of our daughter over her views on same sex mockery of marriage.  He stressed that I was “ not nice”, which apparently is the newest capital sin . I could almost take his insults and his sneers until he got to our daughter’s commitment to Catholic Truth. Thus three bishops later Fr.Ravenscroft’s lifestyle is nice And I am definitely not.     Gay

P.S. The English didn’t think St. Joan of Arc was nice, either, Gay