Saturday, November 7, 2015



    While the Socialists were creating a fantasy Peoples’ Republic of Northern Saskatchewan the Church stepped in line with a Northern Church. It served the same purpose as the National Church in China or the Constitutional Church at the time of the French Revolution.  Tenants of Catholicism were put aside and placed with a political agenda. The Left ruled , therefore the Left( or Liberal ) Church ruled. The Governing Political Rulers were over the Church. Catholic Education had to go. Northern Lights School Division admitted bluntly to Regina ( Sask Government) that they were created to eradicate Catholic Education. Catholic Donors have been told the same. Therefore they were to understand that L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord could not exist. In the main Regina and Le Pas, Chancery Office willingly complied.  It apparently was and is understood that the Constitution of Canada, Church Authority and Canon Law are totally irrelevant.

I. Catholics have a right to the Mass and the Sacraments. Only a Priest: male, trained and ordained can perform a Mass or administer the Sacraments, except in an emergency baptism, Sometimes there is a shortage of priests but this cannot be used as an excuse to create a shortage by coercion, and threats. Lay people and nuns cannot replace a priest. No priest or bishop has a right to tell them otherwise or transfer priestly  authority outside of Church Law.

II. Catholics have a right to Catholic Education. The argument is made that the taxpayer can’t afford to maintain two school systems. Many communities are in the majority if not totally Catholic but they don’t have Catholic books, Catholic resources,and Catholic Culture because there is not an avenue to help them.  Our Lady of the North School receives no tax money yet a great deal of tax money is used to attack it and to attempt to duplicate its free services .

III.. Catholics have a right to know Church teaching , that is Authoritative and not the preference of anyone including a bishop. A brief list:

1. Contraception, sterilisation  and abortion are wrong. Voting for a party or candidate who advocates abortion is wrong.

2. Suicide and assisted suicide are wrong. Suicide is murder of oneself. Helping one to commit suicide is murder. Voting for a party or candidate who advocates these things is wrong.

3. Euthanasia is murder. Killing the weak, sick and elderly is a particularly cruel murder.

4. Same sex “ marriage “ is not marriage and is not moral. Helping such a liason is wrong.

IV. Catholics have a right to privacy especially in their communication with clergy. If a priest passes on what is said in the Confessional he is automatically excommunicated. Spying, tapping phone calls and home conversations is illegal and especially disgusting when done by a priest or relative.

V. It is a sin to be racist. It undermines the dignity of the person, destroys the conomic, social and spiritual aspects of a community or a country. Holding a pale skin person in contempt or excluding him from employment and community events is as bad as a “white “ person doing that to a dark skin person. Racism must not have any place in the Church.

This is for starters.  Gay .