Thursday, October 15, 2015

Justin: Casebook Pot Head

Ste. Theresa of Avila,

    The main contribution that Junior aka Justin Trudeau has given the Canadian people in his short , but painful stint as a Public Figure is a case book study of a committed marijuana user. Almost any northerner at a glance of a photo of Junior can see that he is a Pot Head. It shows in the eyes. His bearing, actions , and stated views follow the Look.

1. His indifference to other people’s suffering: He thinks assisted suicide is wonderful . He wanted legislation in place immediately after the outrageous Supreme Court Ruling. He apparently has never noticed the suffering of others when a family member or friend commits suicide. He hasn’t occured to him that people may want help other than help in destruction.
His position on killing unborn babies up to and including birth takes into no consideration of the mothers who suffer with post abortion syndrome let alone the pain and death inflicted on the baby.  He doesn’t think we should fight Terrorists who have declared war on Canada. He can’t go beyond his own comfort and desires.

2. His loss of long term and short term memory that make it difficult for him to maintain logical thought: He opposed changes in the election act ...completely because mentioning specifics and details are too difficult for him. He can’t offer constructive criticism on any bill because it requires knowledge of specific content

3. Inappropriate  behaviour, actions, clothing or non- clothing is common:  It is not appropriate to have one’s picture taken with a topless female in a public parade. Going shirtless in public is more appropriate for a centre fold pin up shot than for a politician who wants to be taken seriously.. Going to Planned Parenthood fund raisers where mechanical perversion toys are door prices lacks good taste to say the least.

4. Lack of loyalty, and  commitment: . He writes about his mother’s alleged “ mental health issues” in a book promoting himself. If he is not loyal to his own mother would he be loyal to the traditions, concerns, and difficulties  of 35 million Canadians.? Or the suffering of the Ukrainians, Poles,and other Eastern European countries trying to live in freedom and peace? His own caucus was threatened by an armed terrorist. He doesn’ t want to fight terrorism at home or abroad.

5. Complete break down of the ability to make  moral judgments :  He is a “ lady’s man” but embraces extreme Muslim laws as valid  in Canada. That includes “ honour killing” so that a father, husband or brother can kill a mother, wife , daughter or sister if that female offends, irritates, embarrasses or inconveniences him . It is acceptable to have up to four wives , to deny females an education and to dictate what All women must wear in public. If killing “the infidels” that is the rest of us, is part of the package so be it.

6. Violence: Marijuana is Not an antidote to violence. The blunting of compassion and morality leads eventually to an endorsement and practice of violence and murder. Justin is not interested in protection of potential victims of crimes, safe streets and safe childhoods. He is not interested in stopping millions of people killed by ISIS.  He is interested in... well himself . As dangerous as his own use of marijuana is he fully endorses legalising it for everyone. It is his close to the heart issue. Marijuana is not just a starter drug. It is a very dangerous drug in itself. In northern Saskatchewan the NDP let it be treated as legal. Northern Saskatchewan has more serious crime per capita than anywhere else in Canada. The plague, rather than reversed, according to Justin ,should spread all over Canada.