Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pro-Life Score Card


    The Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association sent us a packet of information. While we have been doing the Public Rosary Crusade SPLA has been having a life tour. They have created a chart that shows the stands of the four parties on Abortion and Physician Assisted Suicide. Here is a brief summary. For more information you may want to contact Mrs.Colette Stang at 306- 753-2647 or Twitter-@ SaskProLife

Conservative: will allow members to initiate pro- life legislation and others to vote by their conscience.

Liberals: Refuses to allow any pro- life candidate to run for the Liberal Party. All MP’s required to vote for abortion and against legal protect of the unborn.

NDP: supports fully funded accessible abortion. Support the inclusion of abortion funding in foreign aid programs.

Conservative: Opposed to assisted suicide. Established a communion to conduct public consultation and want time to educate people on the issue.

Liberals; Supports assisted suicide.  Wants a commission to promote legalised suicide.

NDP: Supports assisted suicide. Demands that the Federal Government rubber- stamp the Supreme Court’s murderous decision. Opposed to using  the Constitutional Notwithstanding Clause of to prevent bad decisions of the Supreme Court.

Real Women of Canada composed a chart of candidates who are 100% pro- life. Of course no NDP or Liberal is on the list. Our Conservative candidate Rob Clarke is identified as 100 % Pro-Life.

There is no bigger devastation in a community and family than when a member commits suicide. Before the Supreme Court’s terrible decision the North already had an epidemic of suicide and murder covered up as suicide. Murder and suicide has greatly increased since the Supreme Court decision. We must restore a Christian North where human life is respected from the baby in the womb to the elder. You can vote for Life by voting for Rob Clarke, Conservative. Gay

P.S. You may like to take out a membership in Sask. Pro- Life Association. The phone number is $25.  Gay