Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Left- Lib Thuggery Continues


    Thirty- three years ago we had to endure Caswell signs being torn down on our and others’ private lawns in the west of Saskatoon.  This was mild compared to the physical bullying of NDP Manitoba union thugs. Here we usually lose a dog per election. This time the killing was early “ but he was an old dog and was going to die anyway”.( Just like we and you no matter what our age are going to die anyway)

    We still have to endure Tory blue political signs being torn down. John and I or John with another helper put up 21 Rob Clarke signs . The signs along Highway 102 stayed up until the media admitted that Conservatives were ahead in the polls. From Southend to Brabant Lake the signs were torn down, taken away and destroyed. Red Team Justin Equipe signs were where some had been . The store has one of these red signs right beside the entrance. Is the political loyalty of the owners why we’re the only ones who ever see Clarke bulletins that come in the mail? We have our own mail bag. The rest of the community get the store’s mail bag, first edited at the store.    
    In the Territory of the Yukon  a woman was tearing down signs. She ended up with hand cuffs . Even the CBC admitted it is a criminal act to tear down election signs. But Northern Saskatchewan is the crime area of Canada and anything goes, that is anything goes if you’re useful to the NDP- Lib mafia.

    Because people can destroy a simple political statement such as a sign and get away with it decade after decade' we have lost our right to free expression. If you can’t put up a blue political sign are you surprised that the tearing down Lib- NDP party try to stop you from quoting the Bible, from encouraging a mother to protect her baby or mentioning that there are two, not 6 genders, male and female?

    Meanwhile the La Ronge Election Canada office. long a bastion of the Lib- NDP make sure that Tories cannot work at the election  polls. The schools in the North have been carefully politicised to be “owned” and operated by the people they can use. Ergo in the pretense that they can’t find phone numbers and cell numbers in northern communities they call the so- called “ public school.” The henchmen, in this village, the janitor, tells them to use the people who have done it in the past. except known Tories of course. Thus the NDP- Libs can run things as usual. John’s name was put forward to be the Deputy Returning Officer in Southend for the Advance Poll of 4 days and for Brabant Lake on election day. He and the wishes of the reigning MP were completely ignored.

    The Lib- NDP love coercing people into artificial, stupid, and immoral anti- bullying campaigns. Their political philosophy can be summed up in one word:Thuggery.       Gay