Monday, October 5, 2015

Public Square Rosary Crusade October 10

Oct.05, 2015

    Canada is in danger, as much as or more than in World Wars I and II. The enemy is not just at our gates but within. In Quebec, the mentally and physically ill are being killed by doctors. The government is handing out suicide kits and informing them to lie about the cause of death. The Quebec government know that what they are doing is homicide ( murder) so they are telling the murderers to cover up the evidence. There are people in each province and territory who are waiting to do the same if not already practising it. A hundred thousand unborn babies are killed each year.

    St.Louis de Montfort said “ Public Prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down his mercy, and Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Ghost has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

    For these reasons along with people all over Canada on OCT 10, at 2PM there will be a PUBLIC SQUARE ROSARY CRUSADE at SOUTHEND, REINDEER LAKE. It will be outside, in  public, in between the Northern Store and the RC Church.  We have a written programme to distribute  which includes the Angelus, the Litany of Mary and the Rosary .  There will be a 10' by 3' CANADA NEEDS MARY banner and a 2'by 4' Canada flag . Plenty of rosaries will be available.  Please encourage people of all ages to come.

    The central organisers for CANADA NEEDS OUR LADY is in Greenfield Park, Quebec. This is a suburb of Montreal. The number is 1-844-729-6279.  English and French are available.  For local information contact John or Gay Caswell at 306-758-2041 or Mrs. Mary  Thomas.

    You can still organise such an event in your community. JUST DO IT. Tell people your way: local TV or radio, through school , phone neighbours or go though the phone book list if your community is smallish. Have it where people can see you. Others will join in as they see you do it.