Thursday, October 1, 2015

St. Maximillion Kolbe and how to kill with an X

Oct 1, 2015

    Maximillian Kolbe was a Franciscan Priest in Poland. He and his helpers published a magazine KNIGHT OF THE IMMACULATA which spread all over Europe. He eventually carried his work to Japan. He was called back to the work in Poland as World War II began.

Hitler and his German Nazis invaded Poland in 1938. They held the beliefs of Charles Darwin . Man was not created by God but evolved from animals. Life was a constant struggle for “The Survival of the Fittest” . The superior race were the Germans and therefore they had a right to conquer the world. They set up nineteen concentration camps to liquidate the undesirables. The undesirables were Jews, Poles, Russians, committed Christians especially Catholics and especially priests.  The worst and largest concentration camp was  Aushwitz in Poland. It was run by a man who once was heading to the priesthood, SS Officer Rudolph Hess. Under his command three million men, women and children were murdered mostly by poison gas, They were cremated in vast tanks. The slaughter and burning polluted the air for miles.

Fr. Kolbe and three of his priests were taken by the Nazis to Auschwitz. Fr. Kolbe after a bout with tuberculosis had only one lung.  Although he was physically frail he worked very hard, ate the simplest foods and lived in a hut with the other priests and brothers. When he was taken to Auschwitz he was singled out for special hatred. Seeing his rosary a Nazi soldier slapped his face on one side and then another. He was knocked down.  He was given a load of sticks three times the usual weight. When he could not carry them , he was beaten and left for dead in a ditch. He survived.

If one of the prisoners escaped his whole group had to stand at attention outside until he was captured. If he was not brought back ten prisoners were shot. One man did escape. The officer arbitrarily chose ten men. One man began to cry because his wife and children would be without him. Fr. Kolbe stepped forward. He said “ This man has a wife and children who need him. I do not. I will take his place.  He was put in a cell with the others and were left to starve. When there were only four left who had not yet starved to deather an officer came to give them and  injection. Fr. Kolbe was thus killed on August 14, 1941. He was cremated and his ashes like millions of thers  were spread by the winds. Fr. Kolbe was declared a Saint by the late,Pope John Paul II.

This is part of the terrible story of the Nazi regime led by Adolf Hitler.  Canada bravely and effectively helped defeat the Nazis but the horrors continue.

In Canada a hundred thousand undesirables are killed each year . They have committed no crime except their existence in the womb of their mother is inconvenient. This is abortion.

The elderly are starved to death in nursing homes and hospitals including some in our province, Saskatchewan. An elder from Brabant Lake was thus treated in La Ronge Hospital.

The Province of Quebec has passed a law where the elderly, sick and handicapped  can be given an injection to die with or without their expressed will.  Before this law was passed there were public hearings where most of the presentations were strongly opposed to making murder part of health care.

The Supreme Court has ruled that assisted suicide is part of medical care and “ the right to die” is part of health care.

In Canada, what happened to St. Kolbe, in Canada is now called euthanasia.  Euthanasia is called homicide in the Criminal Code. The Supreme Court, the Liberals and NDP want euthanasia to be called, not homicide , but “public  health care”.

Where you put an X on the ballot on Oct. 19 can help kill or help stop the killing. St. Kolbe, pray for us.  Gay