Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On to Ottawa

Jan. 26, 2016

NEEDED: A cavalcade to Ottawa led by natives plus others who have experienced suicide in their family and community. Who ever finances their trip: individuals, churches, band money, grand councils, businesses, pro- life individuals and organisations, medical personnel who want to be healers not hit men, charities, it would the most useful money every spent.

    When Judas, after betraying Jesus committed suicide the gospel writers stated “it would be better if he had never been born.” They said this not because he betrayed Jesus. At some level all the disciples, except John, did that. They said it because he committed suicide. More than one family has made it clear that the worse thing that ever happened to them was suicide.
    When police and others dismiss murder as a suicide without investigating it further they are doing the family a great disservice. Whether or not one knows the Bible, it is far easier to live with the reality that someone has been murdered than someone has committed suicide.
    Green Party candidate Koch who is a nurse, made as his campaign issue the marked increase in suicide. No candidate including himself connected the obvious. In February 2015 The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Assisted Suicide is part of health care. Immediately there were two murders in our immediate communities and according to Nurse Koch in La Ronge a huge surge of suicides. Their country had spoken as far as they were concerned. Murder including murder of oneself was now okey and government approved.

    The Federal government had asked the Supreme Court an extension to legislation of six months. The Supreme Court gave them four months with approval in the meantime kill away if the person whines enough.
    When an elder in our community had locked himself in his bedroom with a loaded gun telling people he was going to kill himself people in the kitchen were saying , letting him, it’s his choice. They were also afraid of the gun. I quickly said “ but suicide is illegal. If we let him kill himself , we have broken a law and we will be in trouble. Mr.Anthony McKenzie quickly said my words in Cree. John Caswell, got the door open and took away the gun. .  When John took away the gun the local shaman ( witch) was outside  furious that a suicide had  not occurred. The man thanked us that we had stopped him months later. He died a natural death with prayers and family some years later

    What is going to happen if suicide is approved? Individuals and agencies will think that they would be depriving the person of health care if they intervened. People will be afraid of being arrested for stopping or trying to stop people from killing themselves. Medicare for the mentally will be at an end. We will be exactly where Nazii Germany was : emptying mental hospitals and wards by suicides.

    We must do what John Caswell did for one individual. Stop the Supreme Court and the Federal Government from committing suicide of our Canada. Organise that Cavalcade.  Call the media. Choose a good date of arrival. Make sure the House is in session and knows about it. Get ready. Get set. Go.  Gay