Saturday, January 23, 2016

If Abortion is not bad,what is?


   While listening to LIGHTHOUSE CD of Relativism by Chris Stefanick on St. Kateri Radio 98.7 FM, Brabant Lake, we heard Chris explain the horrors and suffering of Canada’s Human Rights Commission and Hate Laws. He told how an Albertan Pastor was fined a huge amount and was told to write a letter to the paper recanting his view on Biblical Morality. The pastor did not recant and after paying all legal and court cost had the decision overturned. His persecution was financed by the tax payer.

    The CD was made before former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Tories struck down these Nazii- like hate laws. The story was carried on the front page of MacLeans : CANADA RETURNS TO THE LAND OF THE FREE. Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition wrote a small article entitled HUMAN RIGHTS ROLL BACK.  I have never met a prolifer in  Saskatchewan who understood that this was a great moral victory and that it even happened.

    Thirty years ago a pro- lifer in Ontario was greatly agitated by the House of Commons passing legislation to have internment camps for dissidents. She thought, correctly that pro- lifers such as herself would be considered dissident. She went to Jim Hughes to ask him to put an article of this public legislation in the prolife newspaper. Mr. Hughes refused and said  that he “ would have nothing to do with conspiracy theories.” How could an Act passed in the House of Commons in Ottawa by the reigning Liberal Party be a conspiracy theory? The internment camps are a reality  and are not a theory.  It was not a secret. One can still read about it in Hansard of that year.

    Jim Hughes and Campaign Life Coalition never supported my Freedom of Informed Bill similar to the Akran Ohio Ordinance that passed the Supreme Court of U.S.A.  Likewise they do not support a present push to Parental Consent Laws in Saskatchewan. To switch the issue they say that they support defunding abortion. No one in the prolife movement disagrees with that and such a clause was in my bill of 1985 that they did not support. The key is to derail another prolife initiative.

    A Front row and centre Catholic in the Prince Albert Diocese was ranting on how she hates Stephen Harper at the time of the election. A lady mentioned that Junior Trudeau would not even let her be in the Liberal Party since she is a Catholic so of course is prolife. She said that was not important.

     Why are there so many prolifers in Canada , especially in Saskatchewan and yet so little gets accomplished? In 1969 we were not told prior to the election that Pierre Trudeau in Bill One  would legalise abortion. The The Supreme Court of Canada defended Morgenthaler’s abortion clinics and struck down all abortion restrictions. No one in Canada had a choice in these things.  On October 19, 2015 we did have a choice. We knew that Junior Trudeau was going to support euthanasia and assisted suicide. We knew that Harper and his Conservatives were opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide and did not permit abortion funding in International Aid. “ Prolifers” like Jim Hughs, kept these things as quiet as possible telling his mailing list, not the public, After the election. There is obviously Liberal Henchmen running key prolife organisations. There is obviously Catholics that have not the least idea or intention of the basics of their faith. 
    As Mother Theresa of Calcutta said “ If Abortion is not bad, what is?”
According to some self proclaimed Catholics and Pro- Lifers not being trendy like air head, pot- head Junior is bad. Gay