Thursday, January 14, 2016

Government: biggest racketeer going


    Salinger, Premier of Manitoba, has made the government position on marijuana very clear. Marijuana is about more money for the government. He says if marjuana is legal he wants it sold in liquor board stores. Once again the government gets to be the biggest racketeer going. Gambling is bad, but if the governmnet does it , its okey.  Killing is bad and exploiting women is bad but if the government brutally aborts babies, physically and psychologically harming women its okey. Suicide is bad but if its done with the help of medicare its therapy.

    No one is seriously looking at the harmful effects of marijuana. Yet they have been known for a long time. The mission was given boxes of Readers Digests from the 70's and 80's. In every way they were superior to todays’ issues. They had many documented stories of dangers of marijuana. Why the silence now? There was a very effective poster sent to Reserve Health Clinics 20 years ago on the effects of marijuana to various parts of the body. Why no posters or pamphlets about marijuana in clinics now? The product hasn’t got safer. The human body hasn’t changed. But the censorship of the truth of pot has become almost total.

    It is very easy to determine the harmful effects of marijuana. Just visit northern Saskatchewan long enough to really listen to what people are suffering.  Northern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate per capita than anywhere else in Canada. How come? For forty years the DNS gurus made drugs not only legal but virtually mandatory.  The police weren’t chalking up crime rates over people toking up.  Last year there were 65 murders. That’s not counting the murders that were dismissed as suicides or the ones done by staff in hospitals.

    Mark Romanow of Youth Services in La Ronge for twenty years has been telling people that marijuana causes violence including murders yet people still persist in believing that pot makes one peaceful and loving and full of flower power.

    Once marijuana becomes legal the government will never seriously reexamine its harmful effects because it will have a vested financial interest in keeping the cash flowing through taxes and their very own drugs and booze joints.  There will have to be more police more mental health services, more costs of  vehicle and industrial accidents, more children in foster homes and more people on welfare instead of working. In the long run the cost of legalising marijuana will far out weigh the boost to government coffers.  Not only do people like Salinger and Justin have a death wish , they are in a compulsive hurry to destroy us and this country.  Not only does Justin have a passion for assisted suicide he wants to assist Canada and the Family into suicide.

    Marijuana kills. It kills your conscience. It kills your thinking process. It kills compassion. It kills your body’s functions includig reproduction.  It leads people to depression and suicide even without help.   Stop, think, examine the evidence. Stop the rush to legalise poison.  Gay