Thursday, January 14, 2016

Letting Murderers Win


    In the Campaign Life Coalition Newsletter I discovered what should have been on bill boards across Canada four months before the Federal Election : Quote:

...The Conservatives , stacked as it was with pro- life MP’s managed to hold back much evil, for example:

1: Keeping abortion funding of out Canada’s Maternal and Child Care Initiative

2: Defeating an opposition euthanasia bill

3.Defeating two incarnations of the dangerous transexual “ Bathroom Bill”

4. Restored anti- prostitution laws after the Supreme Court tried to legalise it.

So why are we hearing about these things three months after the election?? Prime Minister Harper had to endure an advertising team which put out an ad that stated “ Harper isn’t perfect but....”
Everyone knows that no person is perfect but for a campaign so called conservative team to put out such an ad is political sabatoge.

The Pro- life movement has their own political sabateurs. Since 1969 we have had no opportunity to make any headway on the pro- life issue in the House of Commons. For the first time we had a party that allowed any legislation to come to a vote.

 Please get this straight and please quote me at every opportunity. There is a time to discuss “mixed reviews” and Harper’s caution et c. The 2015 Life or Death Election wasn’t it.  Harper’s resistance  was probably engendered by threats from U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who can cause financial retaliation if the PM got too pro- life.

 Many Conservatives do not want to make pro- life an issue because they find economic issues more comfortable and they are not sure that pro-lifers pay their political debts but only want politicals martyrs who will sacrifice their party and seat, if not our country for the cause. I am not so sure either.

In the last week of the campaign I received a mailing showing which candidates returned their pro- life score card. People should have been activated months in advance to not only  vote but work for the pro- life and Conservative candidates. It was already clear that no NDP and no Liberal candidate was going to be prolife. They were long silenced or kicked out of the party. So the whole effort was a waste of time and money. Pro- lifers should have been manning the phones, putting up signs and informing everyone in public media such as TV, radio ads, billboards, U- tubes, Face Book et c.months before the election. They should have worked at getting more workers for the Conservatives and thus inadvertently more pro- lifers in strategic positions.

Where we live some people may not know what an economy is and aren’t sure if they have one or not.  They would however have understood a bill board that said “ The Liberals and NDP want to kill your grandmother.”  Or “ Isn’t she cute ?( Large photo of native baby ) The Liberals and NDP want her dead” Or how about a picture of a young man with the words
“ He committed suicide.  The Liberals and NDP want to help others do the same.”

You may say but that’s not our style, or it’s in bad taste. This isn’t about your style . It’s about saving lives and saving our country. Murder is in bad taste. It was our job to stop the murderers from getting into power  and we blew it. Learn. Change. Or rather : Repent. Act.   Gay