Friday, January 8, 2016

Medicare: I want out.

Jan.08, 2015

    Yesterday in the twice a week mail bag was a letter from the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company. Now Bayer, maker of aspirins, is my least favourite drug company. In the Nazii- Hitler era Bayer provided drugs to experiment and kill Jews in the concentration camps of WWII.( World War 2). The letter went on to explain that Bayer had sold the part of their business that supplies diabetic care to another company. Since I don’t use supplies such as needles, syringes,  insulin, alcohol swaps, band - aids, antibiotics, blood sugar count machines, record books ,codine to control the pain of numerous needle dwrilling sites I have no interest in who supplies what. Thus I save thousands of dollars and am still alive and well. For those who choose the conventional path of diabetes control I respect their choice and hope it was truly an informed choice although it probably wasn’t . However who gave The Bayer Company my name and address? I certainly did not.  Why is the fact that I am a person who was diagnosed as diabetic in 2011  an excuse to violate my privacy?

    In 2011, Dec.22 I was admitted to La Ronge Hospital. This was the beginning of a grand mal fight. The retired Dr. Spooner did not want me in “ her” hospital. I was put on hold for three hours while I kept insisting that I be given antibiotics for my gangrenous foot. Finally Dr. Bayda did so and I immediately began to recover.  I spent twelve days in the hospital with a daily fight to save my foot from being amputated. To sell the idea they kept saying probably only the toe had to amputated. Since the toe had rotted away by itself I saw this as a ruse.  My toe began to grow again. My blood sugar went from 24 to 10 in a few days.  I signed myself out in 12 days and walked out with all 10 toes  and foot intact. Besides even John and I were tired of singing the Huron Christmas Carol and saying the rosary from the room for those who were suppose to die. The revenge for my survival continues.

    When I was fighting for the right to be treated I asked  for a phone to contact my sons in Chicago. The desk clerk said and I quote “WAIT UNTIL WE DECIDE WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO WITH YOU AND THEN PHONE THEM.” I had no intention of letting them decide what they were going to do with  me. I shouted back “ NO. I FOR SURE NEED TO PHONE NOW.  I asked  Br. Nathan if he knew a doctor who could give a second opinion. He had a doctor of the parish phone me. She happened to be a specialist in diabetes. Good , now whatever they do to me will be an international incident.

    The Chicago  doctor asked to see my hospital  records much later. The hospital refused to send them but would send them to me after a big run around.

     As is common I am subject to infection . We went to a conference in Weyburn which is about 1000 kms. away. Since I had pus in one of my toes I needed some sulfa drugs. I went to a doctor who had crucifixes in every room. He put himself in an empty office and did not want to treat me. Apparently my medicare records immediately activated by a plastic card that they control showed that I was black listed. He eventually gave me the $17 drug.

    When John and I were early evacuees this summer I registered with the Canadian Red Cross and was told only those with medical problems could have a hotel room. That was easy. I showed the nurse my foot. She read my medicare file after sarcastically asking for the plastic card. She said that we’d have to change our hotel room and they would send me to a doctor and probably a surgeon.  Three years later this nurse thinks she is going to send me to a surgeon?  The North is flooding into the southern half of the province and this nurse representing an emergency care organisation is going to order me to elective surgery??  Meanwhile my arthritic husband has a vehicle that just died at the door of SIAST. While we took a taxi to our friend’s hotel, some ladies of the P.A. Grand Council let those concerned know that they were disgusted as to how I was treated. When John returned to SIAST for registration he was treated properly as we were throughout the two weeks we could not get home. That nurse was never seen again.
    In one of my many infected foot flare ups a doctor was told that I am never allowed to be admitted to La Ronge Hospital. He helped us by phone while John looked after me and a PA pharmacist mailed supplies.

    Assisted suicide? Euthanasia ? There will be no choice. If one is black listed for refusing an amputation of a foot , since people are pushed into abortion and sterilisation, of course there will be no choice if you or family members want to live. Medicare will become a killing field to those who are inconvenient to “the higher ups”. I want out . Give me one- millioneth of the health care budget and I will be able to buy the cadillac of private insurance AND call the shots.! Gay