Sunday, November 15, 2015

Excommunicate Justin Trudeau

Nov.16, 2015

    On May 14, 1969  Pierre Trudeau began his career as Prime Minister. His first bill was the Omnibus Bill that decriminalised homosexuality, made divorce legal, legalised contraception , sterilisation and abortion. One cabinet minister, Paul Martin Sr. resigned because as a Catholic he could not support legalised abortion. All those things in that bill were contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, a Faith held at that time by most Canadians.  All these things are still contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

    Pierre Trudeau went on to liberalise abortion more and more. Hospital committees were rubber stamping abortion and sterilisations.  The hospital committees were disbanded for the charade that they were. Abortion on demand became the reality.  Trudeau was pressured by an abortionist in Montreal, Mr. Morgentaler, a fraud doctor who had had three years of medical school.  Morgentaler wrote him a letter, preserved and exposed in MACLEAN’S magazine., that stated Trudeau was to get him out of jail because his cabinet ministers were using his clinic for their mistresses and his cousin, Dr. Trudeau was referring patients to his clinic. In short Morgentaler was blackmailing Trudeau to continue support  of his abortuary.
    Many, many times Trudeau acted outside of democracy and outside the House of Commons. He used government by fiat: much like a Yul  Brinner in THE KING AND I: “ So let it be said!. So let it be done!” These were called Orders in Council. That is how Canada got rid of the death penalty, a move which greatly increased murders and other crimes.

    Millions and millions of lives of Canadians would have been saved and many souls would have been saved if the Catholic Church in Canada had excommunicated Pierre Trudeau immediately after the Omnibus Bill. The Church leadership  did not move. It did not particularly lead the protest against abortion although many Catholic lay  people did take up the fight . The Catholic Women’s League presented a petition of a million names against abortion.

    This week his son Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau ( aka Junior ) made public, orders that his appointed Minister of Health was to draw up guidelines for Assisted Suicide. There is a Chairman and Committee in place to conduct public hearings on the issue in the wake of the Supreme Court Decision. If it had not been for Pierre Trudeau the Supreme Court would have never had the power to make any such decision.  Junior has totally sidestepped the public, the hearings and Parliament . He has said before he ever warmed his chair on the government side of the House of Commons that there will be Assisted Suicide whether Parliament or the Canadian people like it or not.
    Then after letting the media, us and his Cabinet Minister know what is the Will of the State in the best Louis XIV tradition “ L’ Etat, c’est moi.” he is bouncing off to the International Scene to wow others with his looks and his pot eyes.

    Junior has already made his International mark.  Stephen Harper was a leader in the fight against ISIS, the Muslim Terrorists . Since Harper was defeated and Trudeau became PM with a promise to end defence tactics against Terrorist Extremists, the ISIS have become more bold and more bloody. There has been 6 terrorist acts in Paris killing hundreds of civilians. ISIS knew which Prime Minister they wanted and they got him

        The Catholic Church in Canada has an opportunity to correct an error made on a Trudeau in 1969. It is time to tell Junior, withdraw moves towards Assisted Suicide immediately or be excommunicated.     Gay