Friday, November 13, 2015

Boys and Men are missing, used, and murdered too.

Nov. 13, 2015

    The Charter of Freedoms and Rights states that all rights “SHALL EQUALLY APPLY TO WOMEN AS WELL AS MEN.” Axiomatically that means both men and women have a right to life and to justice.  It is unconstitutional to have an inquiry on missing females without an inquiry on missing males.
    I am deliberately using real names because I want real found people and/ or at least real information.
    Junior ( Albert)  Swanson of Peepeekesis Reserve was a nine year old good friend of mine. I was 18 and on a Summer of Service Project  when I first met him. We would read poetry together. When he walked to school big boys would rape him. He then liked to stay at home and play with the girls. He was pushed into a so called sex change operation and went off to Vancouver. That was the last I heard of him. It is not likely that he became a writer of literature teacher. The likely prognosis is he became a prostitute . He was sexually mutilated over 40 years ago. The operation was unheard of and morally unthinkable to most people at that time. As in many things, doctors and social engineers were practising on natives long before a procedure became public and pervasive as it is today.

    My niece  Pauline James was treaty, beautiful and dark. Her father is a Salish Indian from the West Coast.  Her mother thought she was doing drugs. The mother received criticism and little other help. For at least twenty years no one had heard from her. Then Pauline contacted her mother. She had a daughter and a man in the United Kingdom. A month later her mother heard that she died allegedly of a blot clot. Now clearly there are many unanswered questions. Her untimely death may have been convenient for someone or some people who did not want too much information to come back to us and to Canada.

         Why is it now fashionable to be concerned about Pauline James but it has never been and is not fashionable to be concerned about Junior Swanson?

    A real inquiry would expose a great many evils such as:

 1. The abuse of children on reserves and reserve schools run not by a Church but by an Indian band.

2. Acts of incest and sexual abuse in homes and foster homes not by dead nuns and priests who can’t defend themselves but by people who will want due process in law.
3. The sex trade connected to Casinos run by Indian bands.

4. The number of murders that are dismissed as suicides and the increase of suicides and fake suicides since the Supreme Court declared assisted suicide is fine.

5. The growing trade of boy prostitutes and catamites.  A catamite is a boy kept for homosexual purposes. Socrates had one.

    The natural reaction to this list is that the things I mention happen in “ white” homes, communities, and schools as well so it is unfair to point out native homes, businesses and schools. To this opinion, I totally agree. It is unfair. It is as unfair as to be concerned about people of one colour and one sex who go missing and to ignore other missing people.  If we concentrate on the importance of human life and the evil of using and killing humans it becomes an issue for everybody. It does not lend itself to expensive conferences with access to casinos, drugs and prostitutes or to government pay outs to a group of people, some of whom may have been perpetrators , not victims. Gay