Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Fantasy trapped in Reality

    Being a tom boy is an obsolete if not extremely dangerous activity. A tom boy is a girl who likes to do traditionally male things. At Girvin School Sandra and I would run t the ball diamond as soon as the bell rang and grab the best positions for a game of scrub. Scrub is a ball game with not enough players for two teams.  The shortest distance to the diamond was the boys’ door so we bolted from there. The boys, irate at our advantage or at my pitching went to Mrs. Bain and complained.  She yelled at us that if we would not stop this we would be permanently assigned to that door for the rest of the year. We saw this as a threat and possible punishment as she intented. Now there are no boys’ and girls’ doors and any female who likes to play ball is in danger of being psychologically and sexually mutilated for the rest of her life. We were not “ males trapped in  female bodies.”  We were girls who wanted to play ball.

    In the 1970's we were told that there is no difference between male and femals except cultural conditioning. Females were to be in combat roles in the military even if it ment lowering standards. Males were to be secretaries but for some reason there were few who wanted the job.  Unisex was a created word that went viral. Barber shops were gone. Pant suits replaced skirts . Housewife became a dirty word but househusband was trendy. Women were given preferential options in law school. medical school, plumbing and engineering. Wives who wanted to stay home and raise their children found that their husbands were constantly rejected for jobs or advancement due to feminist quotas.

    Now we are told that there are female characteristics and activities that range from long hair, pretty clothes, non- contact sports, language courses for girls, and rough play, physical work, pants and ties for males. If your preference include any of these stereo types on the other list than your gender you are a candidate for mutilation. It is called a sex change operation and is financed by Medicare . The sooner this operation is done supposedly the better. So five year olds in Toronto are bullied into a mutilated existence for the rest of their lives if they are a boy and like cooking or if they are a girl and like jeans and pick up a foot ball.

    The operating assumption is that your so called  private parts define who you are. Change what is between your legs and you are changed.  But,being a female or a male means you have an xx chromosome or a xy chromosome in every cell of your body. These affect not only your reproductive potential but many things besides including the  possibility of colour blindness and many other gender specific strengths and weaknesses. Sexual mutilation will not change any of these things. It will not heal trauma or confusion from sexual abuse or misuse.

This whole sex- change industry is a form of violence and hatred towards children and adults
perpetuated by people who are themselves confused and in rebellion. Ms. Wynn , the Premier of Canada’s largest province according to her, is really a male. This she discovered at 25 years and after a failed marriage. She also discovered that she has an obsession to mess up as many children as possible by political and governmental coercion.  Her sadism is now the educational objective of the NDP Alberta government.

Wynn and others live in a fantasy trapped by reality.   Gay