Monday, March 14, 2016

Assisted Dying:The Gestapo at Your Door

March 14
St.Patrick pray for us
St. Joseph pray for us
    On Feb.25,2016 The Report of the Special Joint Committee on Physician - Assisted Dying was released . In a few days began a series of suicides at Cross Lake.  No one should be surprised. Last year when the Supreme Court Decision to legalise assisted suicide came down there were a series of murders and suicides in our communities. This report is far worse than the Supreme Court decision  and is worse than the Belgium laws, or any state euthanasia law.  When Hitler carried on a eugenics programme he didn’t dare reveal what he was up to. Doctors just did it behind closed doors until he took over to facilitate every whim of their death dealing frenzy.
    There is one seemingly benign clause that native culture and spirituality will be considered. This is macabre. Indians in the main are mostly Catholic , then Anglican , some form of evangelical denomination.  Everything about the report is a gross violation of any semblance of Christianity of any stripe. If the report is serious about respecting the native’s Christianity. What about the pale natives and recent immigrants of Canada. Why would one group of people have the right to life and the rest of the country have death? The answer is it is a total sham.
    The residential school issue was the Liberal - NDP continuing their 40 year programme to wean Canadian Indians away from the Catholic and other Christian influence. Many natives held firm and refused the money. Others took the money and ran ... often to a gospel jamboree, Catholic rally, local Mass et c. Some gave a good portion of the money to the nearest priest.
    Natives in the main,have never supported abortion and euthanasia. They have however been pushed into death medicine by the northern - Indian Affairs  establishment. Many natives have been pushed into sterilisation and abortion without their consent or even their knowledge. There is no parental consent for clinics pushing contraception and abortion on minors. The  College of physicians and surgeons have been working at selling the present government the idea that there is no need for parental consent laws because they are already practising it in their ethics. That is complete poppy cock. Most natives have never heard of such a thing as parental consent or even consent for their own health care.
    Now the report is recommending assisted suicide for “ mature minors.” What exactly is a mature minor? One who buys his own marijuana that causes psychological ups and downs? One who never listens to any authority figure? One who has been used as a catamite or a sex slave for quite a long time? If the minor is mature why would he want to kill himself.  Mature people usually recognise spiritual and family authority and do not want to hurt themselves or others.
    This  report  should be taken as the gestapo at our door. It is chaos and evil from beginning to end.
    Recommendations: The Church in Canada should excommunicate any Catholic Supreme Court judge who supported assisted suicide.
    The Catholic Church in Canada must excommunicate Justin Trudeau. The Church was afraid to excommunicate Hitler and allowed him to openly take Communion in Public. Hitler then used their cowardice to attack and destroy Christianity and many human beings, especially Jews, Priests and nuns.
    No Northerner, no Catholic- Christian, no native should ever, ever again vote NDP including on April 04 in Saskatchewan.   Gay