Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trudau is an enemy of Canada strong and free

March 16, 2016
St. Patrick pray for us.
St. Joseph pray for us.
    It is very important to see how the Liberals have been and are manipulating the Indians. For about fifty years they have treated them like their personal property. Professional Indian organisations such as FSI were founded and financed heavily not to give natives a voice but to impose and implant the Liberal voice on them. What the Liberals, including their partner the NDP , do to the Indians is what they want to do to all Canadians.

    Firstly they don’t want them to be Canadians and to have any loyalty to God, Queen and country.  They don’t always succeed.  Before the Federal election well  known Liberals were continually using the phrase “ stupid country “. It was a pervasive and  public virus that was planted and spread for a specific purpose. To my knowledge no school except L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord in the North sings “O Canada”  much less “ God save the Queen.”

    Another buzz was to talk against the monarchy.  Liberal Chosens were inserting anti- monarchy sentiments where they could.  Trudeau and company dropped this one well before the election because they could see it would do them more harm than they would gain.

    Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is presently visiting President Obama of the U.S.A. to compare notes on their progress to have a One World Government , not independent countries . They are  committed to the dissolution of sovereign countries to be replaced by an elite that will determine who and what will be useful to them.

    Every view and act of Justin Trudeau is consistent with those of his father, Pierre Trudeau.  Justin aka Junior has no loyalty to Canada or Canadians. His loyalty is to his international controllers.

    Donald Trump says “ If you don’t have borders you don’t have a country.
                                                If you don’t have laws you don’t have a country.
                If you don’t have a military you don’t have a country.

    Junior Trudeau knows this. The difference is he doesn’t want a country. Ergo he promotes indiscriminate and massive immigration. Elected law makers are replaced by nine unelected judges who will tell the rest of us how we must think, act, live or die Like his father he hates the traditions and effectiveness of the Canadian military .

    Trudeau knows that marijuana creates a populace that is incapable of acting independently and effectively . Therefore he promotes the wholesale use of the same. Trudeau knows that state killing through euthanasia and assisted suicide will lead to barbarism and massive cruelty that will destroy this country. Therefore he pushes it before the rest of it have any voice against it.  Trudeau know that the Canadian military is essential to defend ourselves and our allies. Therefore he disbands crucial operations and lets Canadian knows the military will be used instead to attack Canadians who have traditional moral views.

    Justin Trudeau is undeniably the enemy of Judeo- Christianity and a strong and free Canada.  Gay