Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Genecide Against Fellow Canadians

March 29,2016
Easter Tuesday
    Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his son, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be called Book Ends of Death. On May 14, 1969 Pierre Trudeau tabled as Bill 1 the Omnibus Bill which legalised homosexuality, legalised contraception and abortion, legalised divorce and legalised abortion . It was a perfect package to attack the Judeo- Christian heritage and culture of Canada. Many people only remember, only fight against abortion since that was the most blatant injustice but all the components were needed to replace Christian Canada with secular Canada and to push us down the slippery slope of the Culture of Death.

    In the most underpopulated country in the world, millions and millions of Canadians were murdered for the “ crime” of residing in their mother’s womb and being inconvenient to somebody. The public was not told prior to his election that abortion was top of the Trudeau agenda. If there had been a public debate Trudeau probably never would have got elected and we would not have unrestricted abortion.
    It could be argued that Trudeau greatly helped Roe vs Wade pass in the Supreme Court of the United States of America on Jan.22, 1973. Canada was considered a more conservative or moderate country than the U.S.  People could look to Canada and say they have had abortion for 4 years and everything is as stable and calm as usual. There were protests from the very beginning. The Catholic Women’s League presented a petition with a million signatures. Paul Martin Senior  resigned his cabinet post rather than vote for abortion.

    Pierre Trudeau protected the Morgenthaler abortion clinics when they were clearly illegal. Morgenthaler was not a doctor. He had three years of medical school, never operated within the law and never had any legal restrictions of any kind on his abortuaries. Trudeau’s cousin, Dr. Trudeau gave medical referrals to cabinet minister’s mistresses to  “dr” Morgenthaler.

    Pierre Trudeau with an assist by the NDP handed over powers from the legislatures, aand Parliament to the Supreme Court. Not only are the decisions of the Supreme Court against the constitution of Canada and basic human rights but these 9 men and women tell us what and when we must pass laws written by them. This is totally against Canadian tradition and fundamental democracy

    Now his son Justin  gets elected by the media drooling over him. He immediately calls for increased access to abortion throughout Canada. Many places like Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia have driven abortion out of their provinces. Canada is still vastly underpopulated especially in the northern areas. Indians and Eskimoes in the main hate abortion and are often forced into sterilisation and abortion . There is a great need for medical ethics in the north not more coercive killing.
    Then Justin has come up with a report, Assisted Death. There was a committee to blame but the report is his. It is more blatantly murderous than Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  The sick are forced into death. The most vulnerable, children, poor,youth , the mentally ill are assigned to manipulation , coercion and death.
    Trudeau and Trudeau together have committed and will committ genocide on millions of fellow Canadians. Murder is their family business owned and operated  since 1969.  Gay

P.S. Mother Angelica, the foundress of EWTN, has just died a natural death. Mother Angelica please pray for Canada.