Friday, April 8, 2016


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For Immediate Release
Friday , April 08, 2016
From Gay Caswell, coordinator of Assisted Living not Assisted Dying Campaign

    At Cross Lake there has been a series of suicides. The Chiefs of three reserves in  Saskatchewan have declared the situation a crisis as one shocking violent act after another leaves the communities in “ perpetual mourning”. The youth clearly understand the implications of the Supreme Court - Trudeau push for assisted dying. They have been taught to believe that the authority in their lives is the government. The government is saying loudly and clearly murder is okey. If a doctor can kill in a hospital then anything goes. Killing someone or yourself is no more serious than buying a bottle from a bootlegger instead of the government Liquor Board.

    As one Indian Affairs nurse told a priest in northern Manitoba: “ The whole system is designed for death”. On reserves clinics are run by the Federal Government which sets the agenda.  In provincial health care, medical staff at least give lip- service to patient consent. In the North there is no such pretence. Girls and women are pushed into abortion or sterilisation, or given dangerous drugs like depo- provera without their consent or at times without even their knowledge. A common expression of medical staff is “ we’re deciding what we’re going to do with you.” If you think that you should have a say in “what they’re going to do with you” you will be black listed as a trouble maker and will be denied health care to the point of being denied a prescription for a cheap antibiotic when it is clearly needed.
    It is very common in La Ronge Hospital to have a relative sleep on the floor of the patient’s room. It is a very wise precaution .

    For forty years marijuana has been epidemic in the North with few restrictions. If one objects and expects police action you will be branded as a trouble maker that should be kicked out by the “ higher ups”. Since childaren often start doing drugs at 12 years old there are many young adults with mental health issues. The increased acceptance of marijuana by the Federal government will increase the number of people with depression, hallucinations, hostile behaviour, learning difficulties and a host of anti- social behaviour. The report makes it clear that mental illness may make you a candidate for “ capital punishment “, that is a  government approved lethal injection. This cycle of marijuana use that cause mental illnesses that is an excuse for death administration appears to be a thinly disguised genocide programme.

    We are calling for an immediate and complete rejection of the government’s assisted dying report. We are also working to stop the Supreme Court dictatorship.  The House of Commons rejected an euthanasia bill by a huge majority a few years ago.  All Canadians especially we Northerners must be protected from this genocide. 
For more information contact Gay Caswell 306-758-2041