Thursday, April 28, 2016


From: Assisted Living not Assisted Dying Campaign
Contact person: Gay Caswell 306-758-2041

    “There is evidence that Trudeau intends to stop the debate on the Death Bill in a few days. This shows his refusal to operate by parliamentary tradition and law. The Bill should be set aside for at least a year if not forever.

    “Three thousand miles , two flat tires and two large hotel bills (one North, one South) later  we have yet to find one person who does not believe that the bill is legalising murder,  We have visited reserves from Black Lake to Mistawasis and many villages and towns. Everywhere we are welcomed and our literature eagerly accepted and read.

    “ At Hafford, Sask the Ukrainian Catholic Priest, Father Ivan  and the Roman Catholic Priest, Father Twin hosted a rally and information night . The hall was full. Mrs. Bev Lamers, Family Life Coordinator said ‘ We have now come full circle. This is the generation that demanded to be in control. First there was contraception, then abortion, now euthanasia.”  Mr. John Caswell sang songs that brought laughter and conviction

    “Seven Bible Schools wanted the Caswells to come for a rally and talk, But their school year is finished so plans are being made for programmes in the fall.  These future Christian leaders of various denominations have a right to be informed and motivated against the violation of The Fifth Commandment : Thou Shalt Not Kill.

    “There are people in various communities in the North West Territories  and the Yukon who want us to come. The Far North has a right to be told the lives of their elders, their youth and themselves are in immediate danger from the medical establishment and the government.  We want to go there but we still have many communities in Saskatchewan to visit.

.    Our Members of Parliament have been told lots of lies. They have been told that if the
Notwithstanding Clause is used  it will open up the Constitution to all kinds of issues. The Notwithstanding Clause, which is to protect us from decisions of the Supreme Court against the will of Canadians and against the Constitution itself, is already in place. It is there and available to be used.  Canadians haven’t had time to  talk to our elected officials on the most dangerous law ever considered .

    “ What’s the rush Prime Minister?  Are you afraid informed Canadians are a threat to your death agenda?