Friday, April 22, 2016

Is Canada Still a Democracy or Not?

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April 22,2016
    STOP! WHOA! BACK UP! Is Canada still a democracy or not!?? If not, how do we get back to the Canada of parliamentry rule?

    Quebec has been killing people in hospitals and in nursing homes for years . Many people in Quebec are and have been opposed to this. Active euthanasia has been and is practised in hospitals throughout Canada. There is no law that permits this. Therefor these murders according to the Criminal Code of Canada are just that. The law has been and is at present: Euthanasia is homicide. Quebec writes up an outrageous law. It is appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in its present Death March says wonderful! Go for it ! Parliament must rubber stamp this.  WHY??

    Quebec is a province and cannot write a law for the Criminal Code of Canada. That is standing the Constitution on its head. The Supreme Court cannot rewrite the constitution of Canada. That is a radical shift into the tail wagging the dog legislation.  To have a Constitutional change Parliament must pass it then it must be ratified by ALL provinces. This constitutional change has never been approved by parliament and by all the provinces and will never be. The Supreme Court does not have the power to even initiate a constitutional change. This is the first major move into tyranny and against democracy. What the Supreme Court of Canada has done has violated the Constitution, laws and traditions of Canada. The Supreme Court is out of line. So what are the steps to impeach them?

    The Supreme Court says that there must be legislation passed by June 06. People claim that the MP’s will have a free vote outside of party discipline.  What is the point of any vote at all if the Supreme Court says that the MP’s must pass legislation? Is this just a nostalgic show or does Parliament still have the right to run the country? If it doesn’t why have elections? Why have laws on anything ? Why pay the salaries of the MP’s and the Senators ? Why pay the light bills on the Parliament Building? For the tourist trade of Canadiana past?

    On April 14 a draft bill was tabled. What is a draft bill that is tabled? Is this First Reading of an actual bill? If so then why not call it a bill not a draft bill ?  Why was the public not informed that it was going to be tabled ? If this is just a draft that was made public so people can react and suggest changes then why are we not told that it is so. Why is it being treated like a bill that is not only tabled but is going to be passed immediately? Not only that “it must be passed or we will have no law at all.” This one is pervasive and is sheer black mail and concedes power to the Supreme Court that it does not have.

    Why is there so much confusion about the Notwithstanding Clause ? There are knowledgeable people that have been told that the Notwithstanding clause must be approved by Parliament and then ratified by all the provinces? Where did this lie originate?. The Notwithstanding clause is already in the Constitution. It is not a Constitutional Change. Why are people told that the Not withstanding Clause is a great and terrible boogy man that will push us into .... what ?. It will quickly enable us to restore democracy and to protect more Canadians from being murdered as they are now.
    We are a very large country with a sparse, and diverse population. Some of us don’t even know English or French well let alone both. Some of us don’t have phones let alone cell phones, high speed internet et c et c. We are just discovering how the medical establishment has lied to us. Canadians are being murdered en mass and we are expected to keep silent while our elected leaders are forced to rubber stamp approval.  There is a time for Anger    Gay
P.S. Why is the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health always reporting to the United Nations instead of to their fellow Canadians who elected them?  G.