Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lying to the Indians

 April 19,2016

    In the last 21 years that we have lived in northern Saskatchewan we have heard many lies of commission and of omission told to northerners by medical personnel. Here is a list, not necessarily in any order or in importance because it is impossible to know what damage a medical lie does.

 LIE: Only Indians get diabetes.
 FACT: Although natives involved in alcoholism  have a propensity for diabetes so do poor blacks. It would seem more realistic to state people on welfare get diabetes but anybody rich or poor could get it.. 

LIE: You can’t have a child after 40 years
FACT: What does CAN’T mean ? You’re not let ( not allowed) or its physically impossible? Many people throughout history and present day have given birth past 40. No one has a right to stop people’s fertility.

LIE: White people accept administered death and do not want to live to be a hundred. When I mentioned that we went to a birthday party for a lady who turned 100 natives were in shock that the lady was white.
FACT: Some people love death and want to impose their hatred of life on others. These people are often manipulators, deceivers and liars.

LIE: There is a really fast Lou Gehrig Disease. People often die within a week after being diagnosed.
FACT: The medical books state that Lou Gehrig or ALS can cause death after 2 to 5 years. No one heard of this fast track until the death gurus started talking about lethal doses for such patients. Some people may be wrongly diagnosed with this disease so they can be killed. A person killed within a week doesn’t have an opportunity  for a second opinion or a prayer for  healing.

LIE: You can only have two C- sections then you have to have your tubes tied.
FACT: What does can’t mean? Not let or its physically impossible? Mrs. Bobby ( Betty) Kennedy had eleven c- sections in the 1950's. Surely medical care has kept up or improved since then. Many women in Sask. have had more than 2 c-sections.

LIE: Your grandfather (, grandmother, mother et c.) died peacefully in the night due to natural causes.
FACT: What may have happened that after depriving your loved one of food then of water the staff gave him a strong dose of morphine to kill him. This is a very common practice in many places among many ethnic and economic groups.

LIE: It is legal to help people die.
FACT: No such law has been passed in Canada although many people especially in Quebec have been killed .  Some medical personnel want us to pass the Assisted Dying Bill to cover up and retroactively make legal what they have been doing illegally. They call it “ having the law in line with the practice.” They used this one to justify legalising abortion.  What must be done is have the practice in line with the law. Many many people are being murdered in Canadian hospitals.

LIE: Assisted dying laws are inevitable and are being passed all over the world.
FACT: In Connecticut, U.S. A. for 3 years there has been assisted suicide bills and each year they are defeated by a wider and wider margin.

In Great Britain, or United Kingdom, our mother country, an assisted dying bill was defeated by 330 against and 115 for.

LIE: No one is ever prosecuted for assisted suicide.
FACT: The doctor of Michael Jackson is in prison for 21 years because he helped him die. In the Criminal Code of Canada euthanasia is still homicide.

This is not a complete list of lies.  By the way the NDP , the pro- marijuana, pro- abortion party was defeated tonight. Gay