Sunday, April 17, 2016

Empty Corridors Where Murder Stalks

Contact: Gay Caswell 306-758-2041
April 18, 2016
    On Thursday, April 14, we were eating a fine meal at Al’s Place, Stoney Rapids and watching CBC. We saw Naziism on Canadian Soil. But it wasn’t called that. It was the evening news and it was called A DIVISIVE BILL. Then we heard how moderate , how necessary, and how inevitable the Assisted Dying Bill was. Then Peter Mansbridge showed us “how it works.” We watched the hand of one living person collapse into the hand of a dying person over and over. We saw evidence of a series of many  murders occurring in a Quebec Hospital.  This was  murder by God’s definition and by Canadian law. No one was arrested.

    Canada has NOT legalised euthanasia NOR assisted suicide. Their legalisation is NOT inevitable nor necessary.  The province of  Quebec has passed such a law. The Supreme Court has made a decision that it’s implementation must  be postponed until June 06. This is not June 06 or past ,yet there has been mass  murders in Quebec hospitals for months including the ones we saw on CBC.  Quebec is a province. It cannot change the Criminal Code of Canada. Criminal Law is federal jurisdiction and has been at least since Confederation . The present law in Canada is EUTHANASIA IS  HOMICIDE. That can continue to be the law of Canada because the will of Canadians want it as such.

     The Supreme Court nor the provincial legislature of Quebec cannot change that, but we can stop the Supreme Court .                                
             How ?
         1.By refusing to cooperate in any way .
        2. By having one or more Members of Parliament say No at First Reading, thus stopping any Assisted Dying Bill from even being tabled. We call it pulling an 'Elijah Harper."
        3. By invoking the Notwithstanding Clause that is entrenched in the Constitution.  A simple bill that states, Notwithstanding the Supreme Court decision there will be no changes concerning euthanasia and suicide in the Criminal Code, will suffice..

    The murder of the hospitalised  victim was done alone yet in a very public place. There was no priest for last rites, not one  family member. No one to hold her hand . No gathering to sit in silence nor say the rosary. It was an isolated, degraded and violent death,

    The patient supposedly gave her consent three times . What proof and under what conditions of duress ? She supposedly told the doctor who was also  her murderer. IF A PERSON IS WILLING TO KILL, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE IS NOT WILLING TO LIE?
    Father Le Blanc told us that as chaplin at Victoria Hospital he was not allowed to visit the maternity ward. Why? Because the hospital was afraid that he would influence the patients away from sterilisation and abortion.  Under Assisted Dying there will be no family and community members present, no priest nor pastor, no crucifix on the wall nor rosary at the bedside . These will not be allowed because they will be deemed as interfering with the patients’ choice.  The only choice that will be allowed is the coercion of death.

    NOTWITHSTANDING the death march, Canada can choose life.  Gay