Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEWS RELEASE Monday May 09, 2016

Monday May 09, 2016
For Immediate Release

    Gay Caswell has cut up her Sask Health (Medicare) Card and has sent it and a letter to Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Health, Regina . She has also sent the letter to Hon Jane Philpott , Minister of Health, Ottawa.

    She is doing this because she sees the present medicare system plus the Liberal government’s commitment to legalise murder through Bill C-14 is a real and present threat to her life and those of others.
    In December 21, 2011 she entered the emergency of La Ronge Hospital, 175 km from her home which is her nearest hospital. She was refused admittance and anitbiotics for three hours although her foot was gangrenous and steadily going blacker . While in the hospital while her foot and blood infection was quickly getting better she was constantly told that she needed to go to Saskatoon to have her foot removed. She refused. Every day for at least three times a day she was pressured to have it removed. She consistently said no. She began to say “  no” as soon as a doctor entered her room. Staff would try to get permission from her husband and her daughter even though she was fully capable of making the decision herself.  A male nurse would berate her for “ opposing the doctors like that.” Twelve days later she signed herself out of the hospital with two feet and ten toes intact.

    Since then she has been told that she is not allowed medical entry  to La Ronge Hospital . A doctor refused to see her in Weyburn when she needed a $17.00 prescription. La Ronge Hospital refused to send my medical records to a doctor in Chicago. She  was ordered to see a surgeon in Prince Albert when she was an evacuee from wildfires last year.

    “ All this was done without Bill C-14. At each step there were medical staff helping me and fighting for my right to make decisions. But the possibility of being refused medical care or being harmed or killed within the medical system is becoming increasingly real.” Mrs. Caswell says.

    “ In a few months I may be needing medical care and I know of no safe place to obtain it.  Essentially I am in the category of a person who needs asylum from my government. Others are also in that category especially in this present medical climate with or without Bill C-14 passing.

    “ Many people have been told that the reason I am not allowed entry into La Ronge Hospital was because I said “ no” even before the doctor said anything.  I had to say “no” at least 15 times in a four day period. There is no NO to these death pushers.  I am being punished and my life is being threatened by denial of health care because five years ago I said “no”. How can a very sick, elderly or dying person defend themselves into today’s hospitals?