Monday, June 6, 2016

Euthanasia and assisted suicide:NOT YET LAW!

June 06,16
D- Day
Canadians land at Juno Beach to begin offensive in WWII, 1944
    New York Court Victory : No Right to Assisted Suicide
 New Hampshire Assisted Suicide Study Bill Defeated
 United Kingdom Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated 330- 115.

And in Canada : After a few hours of debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demands closure, insists on Party Discipline. The Bill that allows anyone to kill anyone without legal punishment passes. Thus democracy dies and protection of life dies in Canada. When a bill cannot be debated, when members don’t even have time to study a bill, when elected members are not allowed to speak in the House of Commons, when staff and Members of Parliament are verbally and physically abused by the Prime Minister we no longer have democracy . This bill was not passed within parliamentary procedure and therefore is invalid . If a bill that attacks everyone’s right to life can stand then we no longer have a constitution. We simply have mindless brutality .

Justin Trudeau must resign or be impeached.  As a Catholic Justin must be excommunicated by the Catholic Authorities in Canada and/ or in Rome.   Bill C-14 must be scrapped as invalid . All killing by active or passive euthanasia must cease or practitioners must be charged with homicide according to the Canadian Criminal Code presently in effect. The Supreme Court cannot have a provincial legislature rewrite the Criminal Code . The British North America Act of 1867 clearly states that the Criminal Code is Dominion or Federal Jurisdiction A province cannot write a law that reverses or strikes down federal jurisdiction.  The Quebec Euthanasia Bill is obviously invalid in Quebec and anywhere else in Canada. There have been at least 50 reported deaths due to active euthanasia in Quebec Those murders were done while while even the Supreme Court ruled that the law was not yet in effect.  

         Bill C-14 did not pass with parliamentary procedure and should not even be considered by the Senate. However the Senate can kill this rogue obscenity . .    EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE IS NOT YET LAW IN CANADA AND NEED NEVER BE THE LAW. Gay