Saturday, June 18, 2016

Breathe. Who Told You to Do That

June 18, 2016

    Once health care was about care and health. Now it is about coercion and extermination.

 A few years ago I had a very bad cataract, a very kind and exceptional doctor and a very successful operation although I was terrified of Queen Victoria Hospital. I had never been a patient in a hospital that does abortions before. Then my second eye developped a cataract. I went to Dr. Dakow.  He started a series of test none of which he asked my approval. He asked if I had been taking myinsulin. No , I said. I control my diabetes with diet and health care. He said emphatically : “WHO  TOLD YOU TO DO THAT!”Note, he didn’t say who advised you to do that? Or do you think that is enough? He said Who told you to do that and it was  a statement , not even a question.

    Recently I thought I would mention to a priest who, like many Canadians escaped from a Communist country, that I was pregnant and asked for his prayers.  He became angry and said “ WHO TOLD YOU THAT!”  Did a doctor tell you that?   “No,” I said.  “I am terrified to go to a doctor.” He said “ Go to a doctor”  and walked away.

    Now, in recent history I encountered a clinic nurse who would not give me antibiotics for blood poisoning  until I admitted that I was pregnant. I encoutered a doctor who told my daughter , who hates my pregnancies, full term or otherwise, that I was pregnant but she wouldn’t tell me . It was all over the North and as far as Chicago. I was ordered  to go to La Ronge in three days “for tests” but I was never told why.  I did not go. That pregnancy, like many others,  did not last .

      When I was in La Ronge Hospital for gangrene, I was given an abortificient without my knowledge or permission in the i.v   I prefer to believe that the pregnancy was already not viable.
      Now my usual procedure is at about eight months inform a trustworthy doctor that I a
am pregnant so he will know when to expect some more night work. It worked well for seven successful pregnancies . I did not have to be told that I was pregnant . If we cannot say that we are pregnant unless a doctor certifies it then we are on the way to having only authorised off spring to exist. We are well on the way to following or surpassing Red China in coercion.

    Don’t forget we have a Prime Minister who is a creature of the late  Maurice Strong and the Power Group who adore China’s Coercion.

    And the Canadian Reign of Terror continues. So does my pregnancy.  Gay